Our family home was damaged beyond economical repair in the 2011, Feb 22 – Christchurch Earthquake.

Besides property and contents damage, the earthquakes caused our household a major disruption because of Vee’s work situation, Mark’s work was damaged beyond repair, and since then he’s moved to a different job, which has been really tough… through it all Vee often felt alone but was fortunately so darn busy with her Accountancy exams that she just trucked on.  Through trying times she completed her studies, at one point: on her own for six months with the kids, in a broken home and with aftershocks, sleep loss and a husband busy starting his new career now working shifts.  It has not been easy for us… it’s amazing how quickly people forget what everyone has been through… In fairness – it’s nice to forget.  To forget the hellish-ness of earthquakes, I do understand.  I wrote earlier about the flip-side to ignorance to hard times… so won’t go there again… lets move on.

It’s great that I can share this journey with you via the diary so go ahead and keep in touch as we rebuild our home, our lifestyle and settle down into some sort of normalcy.

The land is now flat and ready for the foundation to take place! Move in day is contracted for June 3 2014


The best way to visit the progress on this topic is to go down the bottom of the page on the right hand side and click into the rebuild using the categories, it will bring up all of the entries covering this milestone.

The final month before moving home in one blog entry


2 thoughts on “Earthquakes

  1. I don’t know when you wrote this, but I have seen your home. Enjoy the rebuild, and yep, I will be following along. So glad for you all.

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