Another busy weekend :)

We’re well into autumn here in Christchurch, NZ

The leaves are all turning in color and the morning/evening temperatures have dropped to single digits.

Even stranger I look out to the left of our property (North Canterbury) and see dark rain clouds yet out to the right ( East Canterbury ) I see beautiful blue sky!



Just as I was about to pull away the camera a bird (or three! according to my motion sensors on the camera screen detected) came into focus.  I can see two of the three birds 🙂


We’ve got a weather warning for hail, sleet and snow to some levels.

The heat pumps aren’t even making any effort at keeping the house at 18′ up from our meager inside 14′ (9 degrees out brr!!) when we got out of bed this morning.

The kids are well attached to their screens so I’m going to get some soap made but first the curtains need hemming! they’re a daily nuisance dragging and heavy too.  We got them on a major sale at the warehouse instead of getting the housing company to organize some overpriced curtains for us. Saved heaps!

Here’s the before and afters:



The stripes sure help me keep straight!


Who knew when I got dressed this morning my chest had the best pattern for storing pins 😉



The lining had to be unpicked then hemmed separately, yup I was tempted to pin it in one and just sew once lol 🙂

I did the first three of nine curtains this way then lost patience and just did it all in one step! Good grief, it even looks nicer!!


Ugghhh!! all that time spent pinning when this looks so much better.


Keep learning Vee…


Ha! check out that pinning… total fluke that it far away enough that I could skip unpinning as the foot went past.

Learning…. slowly…. but surely 🙂

Phworrrr look at that beautifully hemmed curtain!

IMG_0022 IMG_0024

Possibly still a smidge long but very very happy with them.


That’s just the first window.  Just a few meters and meters and meters more of hemming to do.

Quarter past 4pm, the kids have been outside and played catch and chase with Bella, Marley and Bob! and even brushed both the dogs down.  I look up after hanging up the completed sixth of nine curtains needing done and Brook is up on top of the shed with the dogs ball thrower waving it around… and I can see the guy over the fence, with a fag hanging out his mouth, smiling around it… pull it out and smile just before he speaks I get out on the deck.



[I can see the neighbor laughing and gone back to puffing on his fag while he watches Brook get the what for!]

The dogs next door caused  $700 of vet bills for my other neighbors poor dog, nasty breeds and probably bred TO attack.

Far out.  I get to my last curtain to hem and just finish pinning it read to sew and my spotify switches to a very appropriate song!  Just when I’m feeling too exhausted to get onto the soap batches.

Automatic – by Miranda Lambert

5pm and all the mending that was by the sewing machine is done.  I can pack it away. Phew.

Glad theres a batch of yesterdays soup in the slowcooker on warm.

A quick dinner then onto getting those soap batches done.

Mark should be home soon.


I’m awakened at ten to seven am by the kids having a yelling match with each other.

Lordy lordy – give me strength today to get through the tasks.

In my PJ’s I start to tidy up, then loose focus and decide breakfast is a better idea.

Back to tidying up and loose focus again when I get to the sewing machine still out from yesterday and decide to try sewing with a card for some birthdays in a couple weeks.



I tried going flat tick…. that tore the paper up, tried going slow… it didn’t grab the paper and double stitched some holes, tried hand turning it through that wasn’t rewarding enough… so went with a medium speed on the widest setting for a straight stitch.



Still in my PJ’s it’s time to get onto folding washing.

The kids are still doing what pleases themselves and I decide they can get off their dam screens fold some washing and empty the dishwasher.

Nope that doesn’t happen.  Sigh.

I’m tired already.

I throw my hair up, teeth get a quick brush and rinse and get some gonna-get-muddy clothes on .

Off outside I go.

Storm’s a comin. LOL Sleet, Rain, and Snow for the hillier parts of Christchurch over this evening for the next couple of days.

Measure up the dogs kennel to cut some carpet scraps for them then see they’ve got their inserts from their PVC baskets.  Sorted.

The sun shines brightly every now and then so I grab the camera and get some pictures for you all 🙂


Marleys certainly enjoying the burst of warmth.


  I’ve gathered all the pots and buckets around the yard and will temporarily plant in them.


Miraculously we’ve got mint! I can never get it to grow so this is a cool find as I wander the yard clearing out.


Some green onions that were planted months ago are still going strong.


I grow LOTS of lavender for my crafts, after a splash with the hose it’s all I can smell while wandering around the gardens.IMG_0024-001

I get the glass house all cleared out ready for next spring and decide it’s going to be dedicated to growing strawberries.  So over the birds, cats and dogs getting them!

I love this big Macro planter that Dad made.  Gonna be a lifesaver when I’m an old granny 🙂

This got a good clear out too.  Cherry toms, silverbeet and one last lettuce.

Green bin’s now full.


Pretty sure this cat thinks he’s a dog, walks around following me whether I’m inside or outside, attacked my hands as I tried to gather up my weeds and get them in the greens bin.


This is my tomato patch, this year was a epic fail as my plants were all damaged with a hail storm.

Better luck this coming spring… only six months away 🙂


Look at this years rogue pumpkin plant growing the width of our section.  Won’t complain at free food… it can do it’s worst and I’ll just trail it around the yard.  Every year without fail we get one that grows and gives us around ten pumpkins.


This is our dogs kennel. LOL


Onto hosing it down.  The kennel clean is a big job…. its a big space.  Hose down, brush and scrub, then hose some more, then once all the hair and stuff blocking the drainage is cleared out I can get hot soapy water in there, then hose that all away some more.


All clean and ready for the oncoming rubbish weather.  I’d really like to make them a butchery-like flaps for their bedroom (far end on left with a wee green deck)

 Time to clear the poop from our yard.  This is Mark’s job.  Because I said so.  But I’ve been doing it more and more.  Hmmm.

I can hear the kids outside having a laugh so I carry on weeding and clearing around the yard until our green bin is choca full!

Hose down the deck.  Mortein spray the spouting that’s covered in cob webs.  Will ripcord that next week over our three day good weather stretch.

I’m pooped.


Time for some lunch and a cuppa.

And likely a nap.