Propagate (Grow Cuttings) Black Current Canes

I’m coming into my fourth year of really poor fruit bearing from our black current canes, they were planted spring 2011 in a spot that used to get all day sun, we have since moved our makeshift glass-house in-front of them which I figured with all the glass it wouldn’t block sun, but – how we’ve positioned it, does block lots of sun.

I’ve got out in the garden this morning just before a pour down of spring rain and dug the black current canes all up, trenched the sunniest available spot, filled with potting mix then planted the canes.  By then my back was on fire and the rain had stopped!

After lunch, a great youtube tutorial and the beckoning of the sunny spring afternoon I head back outside to try work out which canes to secateur off.  I go with instinct and look for “dead” looking ones… snipping a little by little on an angle and check the inside for any signs of green “life”.  A good pruning later, 99% instinct technique working with just a couple that were green on the inside, and a couple that had worms!! in them… the bushes are looking really much better, now with only around four canes per plant all with new green shoots showing.

I watch a propagating video on youtube on roses and figure that black currents are hard-wood so may work the same?

Off to Mitre10 Mega to get some root hormone powder and I get to work with high hopes these become fresh new plants for next year… especially with new plants ranging from $16-25 per cane!!

I’ve done a couple photos so one day when Ella is out in the garden she has a reference 🙂  My mum was an amazing gardener but sadly I didn’t take her skills in enough to remember….

I remember mum was great! at doing strawberry runner plants…. and this will be my fifth or sixth year of trying to get them to work for me 🙂

Keep trying 🙂

Here’s my wee photo tutorial of the propagating of the black current cuttings:

Get some root hormone powder, this cost me $7


Take some nice cuttings from your plants, preferably the canes that fruited last year 🙂

Which I only in the last two years was told by dear Grandad Harrison

So… have no idea if these are last years or older…

  1. Make sure to cut on an angle to expose as much as possible for the new roots.
  2. Soak the cuttings in water for say half an hour to an hour
  3. Dip the cut end into the powder and tap off the excess
  4. Push the cut end of the cane into your potting mix
  5. Give each potted cane a little water, and keep moist but not wet daily
  6. I’m not sure how long this will take to grow roots so will report back.

Much love, fingers crossed and good-luck!!

Vee xx