A finish all the loose ties kinda weekend

Whoa what a Saturday!

Up and straight onto finishing milk cartons with the enthusiastic Ella at the craft table still out from when we glued them yesterday! She’s had a fab time learning inches and using her recently learnt fractions with the paper cutter and score board.  She picked all of the scraps of paper to cover the cartons and I have to say she may just turn out like her mother with that gift of creativity! She was limited to what we wanted to use up of scraps but the patterns and colors chosen look great!


Next project, we had the colored rocks we collected from birdlings flatt last weekend, they’d been painted and were ready for a coat of chalkboard paint.  Voila!


Wheres my energy coming from today? who knows! onto my next get-it-finished project.

Cushion covers.  Haven’t sewn in years successfully, (intermediate age and it was a velcro pencil case) we were gifted a goodie of a machine, an old singer.  Unfortunately it has the mood of an old git and does jam up and do weird things.

I got out the manual and managed to get the cotton changed to white (Mark normally mends our stuff! isn’t he a jack of all trades!!) and Mark came in and had a look… I’d done it different to his way but ahem… *point to the manual* and he’s impressed.  He’s itching to help me, but he also needs sleep for the next night shift.  I asked on my way out the door for the fabric the other day if he had any preferences in patterns or colors and got a “nah, just whatever, you choose baby” so I took myself solo to the fabric shop, resisted all the craft stuff!! the super expensive fabrics and had a good walk around.  I grabbed some fabric that would do the job and was $16 a meter (1.2 m wide x 1 m piece) and head for the counter and that’s when this kiwiana typographic (so addicted to geography typo art at the moment! which is hilarious if you know me and how I get lost all the time lol) font in two colors screamed out BUY ME for $20 a meter!? What!! That sounds expensive.

I have no idea if its expensive. I don’t buy fabric.  I ask the sales clerk “Is $20 a meter too much to spend on covering my large 600x600mm cushions? I mean… they’re just couch cushions that often are floor cushions” she shrugs and out comes her solid UK accent and I break into a smile.  I love that accent and seem to befriend everyone blessed with it.  She has orange hair, in a mess of short curls, and I fade back in to hear her saying that her 9yr old daughter can do it – so can I! and to bloody well spend what I want on fabric.

I ask how much I’ll need so she calculates based on my cushions and measures it all, then I decide I want texture.  No I need texture.  I explain I’m a VERY tactile person and she laughs and say’s “hey not judging… anyone who works in this place is nuts!” She takes me on a chaotic tour through “textured” stuff and I come out with $10 a meter stiff, starchy, and as I wished for, textured…hessian.

So I’m getting this sewing done and freaking out about doing zips, never sewed them before.  I pin it all together several times until uh ha!! got it! and get the first side sewed on.  Beautiful! 

Then do the other four cushions in a relaxed chip-away-at-it between other stuff for the rest of the day until I run out of cotton at 5.30 eek only the Warehouse will be open.  I get home with cotton that looks a third the thickness to the stuff Marks brought and raves about.  Ah well.  Fingers crossed and luckily it does the job.

All done!

Time to have dinner and clean up the house that’s just accumulated a whole day of activities and mess from both the kids and I while Mark was enjoying probably his most undisturbed slumber.

My last finish-it job is to hang up the coat/bag hooks in our entry.  I get Mark’s help quickly to mark the walls where to drill and place them before he’s off to do my favorite of his shifts  [the one where I get the bed all to myself… ah so nice occasionally to stretch out even though I miss his snuggles] but he’s brought in some retro drill.

I want the power drill so I’ll grab it in the morning if he doesn’t beat me to it and get these beautiful hooks up.


I’ve had a horrid night trying to sleep.  I think there’s too much to do.

I hear Bob purring next to me around 7am and then Mark climbs into bed.

He tells me he’s hung up the hooks at 6am! and I’m keen to get up and go see!! but give him a snuggle and ask how his night was.

It looks so much tidier with all our stuff off the floor!

20150405_105851 20150405_105910

I think I’m going to buy a third one so that we have more hooks for our jackets.

I’m outta bed and determined to seize the day.  Thinking I need more hours in the day I have a chuckle to myself. That’s exactly what NZ got last night! Hope you remembered to turn your clocks back too?

One coffee down, hair thrown in a bun, runners on and I’m outside on a mission!! I’ve contacted two window cleaning companies and had no response so with new found courage I’ll get the ladder out and give these un reachables another go.  I feel sick up on the ladder but suck it up and get the job done! They all look so good nice and clean.

Look at my predicament with this ladder and our stupid foundations Ugh!

20150405_093348 20150405_093358 20150405_093438

Our east boundry is still not levelled out.  We just haven’t had time to play in the sandpit.

The windows don’t look that high but I’m only 5+ foot tall and because the ground is even lower to allow “ventilation” for the house around the concrete footing it makes them another half meter out of reach.


I even got that long high window! Hard work!

While I’m round there I remember I want to order some massive pavers to keep our bins ontop of, they’re a right pain rolling over sand.

I’ve set up all our tables/seats ready for Eater lunch tomorrow.


Finally! Blu Tackd up these letters I brought second hand while we were building the house


Finally found somewhere to hang this gorgeous mirror!, Banged that hook in with my rolling pin 😉


Mark won’t be impressed.  I didn’t use his beam scanner lol so he’s gonna have to re-do this.  Maybe

At least I’ve stopped using no-more-nails to glue everything to the walls 🙂

Vee x