Spiced Fruit Bread GF 1kg loaf




This recipe is adapted from my bread-makers manual.  The texture is identical to store brought GF bread, which if you’ve never had before… it’s basically more of a cake texture than fluffy white tip top bread texture.

I use a Breville Big Loaf Bread Maker BB380 pictured below.


Give the pan a spray with non stick oil:

Always add wet ingredients first.  In winter slightly heat your liquids so that they help the yeast perform at its peak 🙂


450 ml of milk, I used whole milk but any milk works (coconut/almond), even water will work with 3 Tbs of any milk powder added to it.

30 grams of raw organic coconut oil or 3 Tbs of any liquid vegetable oil you prefer

3 (60g ea) large whisked eggs

1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

1 cup (110 grams) of coconut flour

2 cups & 1.5 Tbs (356 grams) of edmonds plain GF flour

3 Tbs sugar

1 tsp salt

3 tsp breadmaker fast acting yeast

3 tsp mixed spice

3/4 c sultanas (make sure they’re not too dry as they’ll suck the moisture out of your bread, if you need to – soak these in a cup of boiled water for 10mins to rehydrate and add them to the pan last)

Settings on machine: 1 – Basic, and Crust – Medium

Recipe Batch Cost: $8.75 which is what you’ll pay for a 500g loaf of GF fruit bread in the store.

This recipe makes a 1kg loaf of bread!

Woo hoo! we just saved some money 🙂

Will add photos once it’s cooled/cut

Vee x