Almost back to work

Yesterday the Caldina sold and was picked up by a good younger fella who is a geology student. He’s been biking everywhere and has been looking for a reliable car. Seems he knows what he is on about with cars so think this one should be well looked after. He makes some awesome recycled wood furniture, check out his work here, here’s a free plug for him:

Since that cars now gone, I’ve been tidying up things on my own one. I’ve just put in some new Nolathane front lower control arm bushes, fixed the radio aerial, painted the front bumper (had so much stone chips), fitted rear bump stops and strut boots (old ones were split badly) and replaced the fuel filter. I have some really cheap L.E.D. bulbs (T5 and T10 size ones) coming from Ebay to change with the dull incandescent ones that light up my dash too. They should be a week or so away. I also need to replace the rear speakers but a bit of modifying is needed there as the old ones are 4″ but I’m putting in 6 1/2″. I think for now I’ll take a break from car stuff once mines 100% as it’s so time consuming, It’s only a Caldina at the end of the day and probably isn’t worth as much as I’ve spent on it. The old crappy engine sold for $15 on Trademe tonight so that’s gone soon too and we’ll have our garage back.

I’ve been for some runs recently up the hills, running mainly the Mt Vernon valley track that starts at the bottom of Hillsborough Tce and works its way up to Rapaki/Summit Road. Its a great run, high intensity at the start but not so great first thing in the morning as most of the track is in shadow of the Rapaki Hill until 3/4 of the way up so the frosty mornings are a bit rough for the start of the run. I did go for a run around the whole of Hagley Park the other day and was impressed with the pace of an older fella who I caught up with. I was nearing the end of my run and targeting people ahead of myself to catch up and pass (my mental challenge while running). I took a while to catch up to this older fella but when I did he had a relaxed and quick running pace (11-12 kph at a guess) which I felt comfortable running along side him at. I didn’t have to push myself too much but it was constant. I don’t think many people out running at that time had a good pace like this guy, he would’ve been in his 50’s at a guess.

Tomorrow will be one of the biggest runs for me in awhile, looking at a half marathon type distance run but not sure where to run, I have some options like the beach/bottlelake forest but it gets annoying when the tides all the way in and the end of bottlelake looses the track into slush so you need to jump on to the beach to get to the Waimak River mouth. Weather looks good, not too hot and no rain or cloud according to Metservice.

Another option is running from home to Hagley Park and back, it’s about 19-20km but I like the peace of trail running better so… the best option so far might be a run from Sumner to Taylors Mistake up Godley head and back, just like the good old days but via some slightly different tracks from the start at Sumner as most of the awesome old ones have fallen in to the sea from the earthquakes. I need to start looking for more hill runs in Christchurch to vary my distances and add variety.

Lately I’ve been watching a Netflix series ‘The 100’, it’s a good Sci-fi series about some humans who abandoned Earth and lived in space for 100 years due to nuclear contamination on Earth. They’ve landed back on earth to see if it is inhabitable and found it now is but there’s other humans that are still on earth that cause them oodles of problems. To be honest, I’ve become a bit addicted to it and am going to watch some more of it shortly.

Alongside Netflix I’ve also been starting a bit of study of the CPK’s for work. I’ve just finished the first ‘Chapter’ for CYPFS Act and Family Violence. I’ve probably read it over and over about three times now because when I stop, I loose where I’m at and have to go through the whole document (on my laptop) again to find out where I got up to. Anyway… ‘Chapter 2’ here I come!! (Firearms, TASER, Sudden Death, Policing Act and Victims). I’d also better check that I have the latest exam study files because these are probably a bit outdated from last year now.

Plan for the rest of the night is Netflix then sleep. Onward with Netflix 🙂


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