First of the proper runs

It’s been -1 Degrees Celsius last night and I had planned a run up the hill trails. When I got up about 8am I thought that even my new trail shoes might not hold that well to the ground due to how cold it was so I thought I’d go running around the block. I was aiming for a 10km run to start things off. I have been doing the odd run on average about once a week but now the focus is on ‘upping’ that. My previous runs were with my German Shepherd dog Bella or my son Brooklyn so I haven’t had a decent chance to let loose as Bella would slow down drastically going downhill or near the end of a big run, Brooklyn does well but his legs are a little shorter than mine.

I chucked on my running gear, beanie and gloves and went at it. Just out of my gate a young ginger guy was running in the same direction as me but about a block ahead…. my first challenge!!!

I could tell from way back I was gaining on him quickly, as I past him he wasn’t puffing and he had a relaxed but slow jogging sort of pace. For all I know he was probably near the end of a marathon run but I felt good passing him.

The first km was the hardest with the cold air hitting the back of my throat and my body working aerobically to start off. I thought, ‘why am I doing this!’ I began to settle into a good pace as I ran around the river and the redzone, running past some kayakers and people out walking and feeding ducks.

I ran around Locksley Ave where everything is still bare and un-cared for, there was one house still in the middle of the CERA land that appeared lived in. Continuing on I made it to New Brighton Road, the part where it always floods, looks like they’re fixing the road there.

I felt good from here on knowing that I’m sort of on the home straight, sweat and body heat had built up and my back of my throat was no longer cold.

Heading back on Wainoni Road I picked up pace as I knew I had more energy in the tank, I thought about the M&M’s I ate last night and knew there was more energy to burn if I pushed myself.

On the last road home I upped the pace again to an almost sprint to the gate. Brooklyn came outside to welcome me home (and unlock the front door).

I created a 4x weetbix and peaches breakfast with a hot green tea to chow down on while I figured out my pace on the computer. I’ve started a spreadsheet from today and recorded my results for the first proper run:

avg speed 12.39kph, distance 11.08km’s, time 53mins 40secs, pace about 4:50min per km.

Not bad for a first personal run. Now to push it further and stop eating all this sugary crap that I love so much.


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