Done and up for sale

Yesterday was the big vacuum out and polish the car day. The previous owner had left so much wood chips (think he transported wood for his fire in it) and heaps of dog hair and cigarette butts in it. It was a full day of vacuuming, armourall and cut and polishing to tidy it up. The rear bumper also got a bit of a spray paint to tidy up the paint that had seemed to react somehow making it look a bit orange peely.

Today was the last day of sorting this car out.

I took it in for a WOF only to find the rear brakes were imbalanced. After taking off the wheel and finding the wheel cylinder leaking I thought I’d have found the issue and whipped down to Supercheap to buy a new wheel cylinder. Taking it back in for a re-check showed it wasn’t the fault and the good WOF man (who I used to call on in my old job) let me put it up on the hoist to adjust the brakes in case that was all it needed…. wrong, it looked like the right side wheel cylinder needed replacing too, taking it back home I replaced the other wheel cylinder and drove it straight back (all within an hour). The second WOF re-check showed no different in the rear brake balance. The handbrake balance tested fine though so it had to be a hydraulic problem.

Drove it home again thinking the only other option would be a faulty brake proportioning valve which I picked up from All Cars Auto Dismantlers. When I got home I began removing the old one, what a mission!! It’s mounted on the firewall behind the intake manifold and you need double jointed arms with 6 fingers on each hand to make it an easier job, unfortunately I only had five fingers and normal arms so I persevered with it until I got it out.

The replacement valve was installed back in place just in time to pickup the kids from school. When the kids got home I got Brooklyn to help bleed the brakes by pumping them and holding the pedal down while I loosened and tightened the bleed nipples. Job done, the kids jumped in the car and I drove it back to the WOF shop to have it finally pass.

It’s now on Trademe for sale, some one will get probably one of the most tidiest and reliable Caldina’s of its age in Christchurch for a deal.

Now my brother has messaged me saying his Caldina (a bit newer than this one) needs a cambelt kit fitted. I think I could manage that. I also need to get rid of the old engine from the garage so if you know of anyone who likes scrap metal dealing they can come and take it for free and earn themselves some ‘squid’.

Once this sells I’m buying myself some decent running clothes and hitting the trails. Cars take too much time so this will probably be my last wee project for a good while. Will be looking forward to focusing on running, family, CPK study and work.

IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0686 IMG_0690 IMG_0692 IMG_0693


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