Bits for me

The Caldina has now had a new timing belt fitted and everything cleaned up, new oil seals, oil pump gasket and water pump. It’s all running smoothly. I put new antifreeze in it then ran it only to find out the cooling system is full of rusty residue still. It was all through the hoses and I suspect most of it is still in the radiator and the heater core.

I’ve ended up dumping all the new antifreeze (bummer!) then flushing the whole system through with water, it kept pouring out rusty water for awhile then started to run clear again. So once again I filled it right up with antifreeze and all seems good.


Since getting it running, I decided to start stealing the up-spec stuff for my one. I swapped over the rear tail light lenses and got stuck in to modifying my car so it could take the factory side skirts off the one I’ve done up. They needed a good paint up so I sprayed them then fitted them on to my car. It’s looking good so far. I heave plenty more to swap so tomorrow I have planned to urethane fill the lower control arm bushes, these were so far gone that I pulled out the arms and had the inner rubber and shaft fall out. They need to dry once filled for atleast 7 days which will give me an excuse to go for a run finally (been a bit slack lately).

IMG_0571 IMG_0574 IMG_0576

I also have the front factory bull bars to fix and fit to mine which requires me pulling apart the front bumper from the ‘doer-upper-er’ to get the proper factory mounts to fit it, plus I have the rear factory boot handle to mount to my boot lid too.

Dying to finally finish the one in the garage to sell so mine can sit in there to finish off. The one I’m selling needs one hell of a good clean in and out too, the engine is pristine now but the amount of dog hair and wood chips in the car is ridiculous, atleast we have a Vax and a decent vaccum cleaner too which should sort out that job.

more updates later as things progress!

Mark… Out!


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