It works!!

The engine is in, it has all new fluids including fresh DX3 Trans fluid, engine oil + filter, new power steering fluid, new thermostat and gasket and new spark plugs.

It started first pop, probably due to my OCD-ness making sure everything went back exactly where it was meant to. No bolts were left out! I topped up all the fluids and checked it drives forward and back properly, no problems at all!!

I sorted out some wiring inside the car then tried the heater, it made a loud ‘wurrrrring’ noise at any fan speed so i pulled apart the heater fan to discover a whole lot of pine needles inside the fan housing, once these were removed I tried it again to hear it running really smoothly, everything was put back together from there.

Now knowing I have everything working perfectly, I am on to the cam belt next. I already have everything removed after struggling with a tight crank pulley bolt, all the replacement parts are sitting there to fit so that’ll be my next mission on the four days off coming up. I’m not cutting corners with anything done on the car so the water pump will be replaced as well as all three seals behind the timing parts and the oil pump gasket too. The new engine is very tidy, apparently its only done 150,000kms and I’d believe that, even the timing stuff on it doesn’t seem worn, all the idler and tensioner bearings have no play and move smoothly, the waterpump had no leaks and no play in the shaft either, I may end up doing the head on the old engine yet and putting the old timing stuff from the new one on to it to sell as a working engine.

This car will end up possibly being the most mechanically sound Caldina in NZ shortly for the distance its done. It really needs one hell of a groom, the previous owner was a smoker and there is dog hair all over the back seat but I’m pretty good at cleaning that all up, the paintwork needs a good cut n polish too.

Looking forward to this being done, then my car will be getting all the good stuff put on it!

A couple of pics below from where I’m up to now:

IMG_0554 IMG_0555


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