Project Progress

The engine is now out with a huge thanks to my next door neighbour who I think also loves working on cars for fun.

The old engine is completely munted, oil all down the back of it, you can see milky looking oil through the exhaust ports of the middle two cylinders so I’d confidently say it is a warped or cracked head problem.

Due to all the oil that had leaked out the back of it, I spent a day cleaning everything up. The transmission has had a good degrease, the power steering rack was covered in oil along with all the front right suspension and arms it’s now looking a heap better.

The CV driveshaft was also well degreased. The replacement engine will be here in about an hour so looking forward to swapping what I need to back on to that tomorrow, if I’m lucky I might even have the trans bolted back up and it sitting back in the engine bay tomorrow (wishful thinking!).

A couple of pics:

Cleaner engine bay

engine bay clean

Auto transmission cleaned up

Existing Auto Trans clean

Old engine all oily!

Old leaky engine

Update: The engine is now here and looks tidy but has been banged about a bit, I’m going to have to change a lot of things over from the old one to the new so it’s ready to put in. A few more hours of labour involved before its ready to bolt back to the transmission and be lowered back in. Big boys lego!!


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