Hubby’s Hobby

Hubby and I had been having rather passionate verbals about his subsequent need to be out in the garage… we came to a mutual meeting ground of, I have a hobby and now… so does he.

Hubby’s hobby: Tinkering on cars.

I’ve created a category “hubby’s hobby” so hubby can just do a post per car 😀

The first car

Make: Toyota

Model: Caldina 1996

Cost: $1400

Repairs: $600

Labour: $0.00 a month of tinkering between shift work

Sold: $2500

State upon arrival:

  • tar and horse and cowshit all up and over it
  • black bonnet
  • oil leaks coming out its arse (yep I’m typing word for word this info as dictated by hubby lol)
  • clicking cv joint perished cv boot
  • idling problems
  • timing belt, water pump, seals, and tensioner idler due
  • tyres low on tread




Engine bay once all the leaks had been sorted:


Let the fun begin….

First hubby did the timing belt, seals, idler, tensioner, water pump, and rocker cover gasket.

He started it up and it wouldn’t idle it properly, he knew he had it timed right so replaced the spark plugs thinking that might help, no luck! it continued to stall so spent a day thinking about it and figured it had to be the idle control valve.  He pulled apart the throttle body and cleaned the idle control valve and throttle body properly putting it all back together.

Hurrar!! it was then running properly.

He next purchased some cheap near new tyres and mags online an put them on his own car then put his own steel wheels on the project car giving it good tyres for selling.

Why wouldn’t he just put the tyres he brought online on the project car….

Here’s his answer:

Because he didn’t want steel wheels on his own car.  He wanted mags.

Carrying on….

He swapped head units between the project car and his own car so he could have a USB one…

His car is an identical or close to it model to the project car by the way.

Then the clear headlight lenses over to his own car.

He painted the ugly black bonnet with paint matching the project cars body with a can from RJ Patterson who color matches car paint using the paint code under the bonnet of the car.

After test driving it he found the CV joint was buggered so replaced that and the boot.

He tidied up the cars wiring behind the head unit.

Then listed it on trade me.

This car went to a awesome new owner who has saved a huge amount on labour and parts, getting something that is now incredibly reliable.

A dad came and test drove it for his rugby playing son needing a wagon for all the sports gear and training.

The son came and test drove it.

They placed a hefty deposit down even though we insisted no need to.

Then paid the rest by internet banking and came to collect the car a couple days later.

On to the next Caldina project!!


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