Hubbys Hobby – Project 2

Car number 2:

Another 1996 Toyota Caldina has been bought for $800. This one had amazing specs like: Factory Aerial kit and side skirts, rear boot spoilers, clear rear and front indicators, sony usb headunit, factory mags, front factory bull bars (that the old owner had ground off!!!).

Only thing this one had was a blown engine… what!!

The spark plug leads had melted to the head and were impossible to remove without extreme force. To do a compresion test after they were out was still impossible as the plugs couldn’t be removed with all the melted plastic around them, there mustve been some heat put out by the engine before it died so….

New engine bought and arriving on Wednesday via Trademe ($250!!) and the loan of the neighbours engine crane to get the old one out and the new one in. image1 image2 image3

Everything has now been pulled off the engine ready to remove bar two engine mounts, leaving the engine hanging there until the engine crane arrives tonight.

In the mean time I noticed that there was a fog light switch in this car (being the better spec model) which operated the existing factory fog lights. My own Caldina didn’t have this switch but had the factory fog light lenses, bulbs and wiring so the wiring for the fog lights was removed and swapped into my car leading me to discover that was all it needed to make mine work!!

I have also swapped the lenses for the park lights over to mine as they’re the matching clear ones for my clear headlights.

There’s still plenty of things to swap over to mine like the side skirts, rear boot lid and mountings for the factory front bull bars but they can all wait until this replacement engine arrives, is in and away runnning.

Next update…. engine in and running (I hope)

Over and out.


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