Immunity Bake

We’re all showing early signs of the sniffles so out comes the garlic, onions and herbs!

You can make this dish ahead of time and just reheat it at dinner.
Great for shift-working hubby’s who like to take easy re-heat meals to work ūüėČ


Potatoes (could use Kumara for lower GI) sliced 5mm thick

Onion sliced as round thin slices 3mm ish thick
The phyto-chemicals in onions along with their vitamin C help improve immunity.

3 Eggs 
We love Woodlands brand because they’re Pasture Raised/Fed Chickens.
The nutrients in eggs are only as good as the health of the chicken, it’s lifestyle and it’s diet.

Pink Himalayan Salt (rich in over 80 minerals!! Google it)

Fresh Rosemary chopped for the middle layer plus on top.
Rosemary contains: Iron, B6 and Calcium

Fresh Ground Peppercorns
Great for improving nutrient absorption, and congestion. 

Grated Cheese to Melt on top


Grease your ceramic dish, and layer the sliced potatoes half way, add the sliced onions and rosemary then add further layers of sliced potatoes.  Sprinkle the garlic over the top.

Put three eggs and two cups of whole milk and 1/4 c of flour into a shaker or blender.  Pour over a sieve into the dish of sliced vegetables.

Grind fresh pink himalayan salt and peppercorns over top then cover with foil and bake 200’c fanbake for 20 mins.

Remove the foil, add grated cheese and grill.


Vee x

**Will put photos up after I serve it up for dinner.