Visiting Dunedin, NZ Spring Break – Day 4

Monday 5 October 2015

Last-night was SO windy!! the roof and all the vents from the bathrooms and kitchen were flapping and banging through the night.  I think around midnight or later we managed to fall asleep.

We’re up at a reasonable hour this morning and straight onto showers and packing the car.

Marks cleaned the kitchen and is vacuuming the carpet.

I noticed mold on the ceiling of one of the bathrooms when we arrived so hope I get time to climb up on a chair and bleach it, it’s been there for a while so if someone doesn’t do it I guess people will keep thinking “why should I?”

In the kitchen we’ve got jif, dishwash, dishpowder, handy andy; the jif and handy andy do their best but it still needs to be taken care of so I write it down in the faults notebook along with that the en-suite shower drain is blocked making the shower flood.  We had to just use the main bathroom – which was fine.

The house is all tidy and we can leave with a clear conscience.

This is a poem that really did inspire/motivate us to leave the place lovely for the next visitors:


Here’s the holiday house tour:

IMG_0139 IMG_0140    IMG_0141 IMG_0142IMG_0143IMG_0145 IMG_0144

single beds room:


bunk beds room:


main bathroom:


master bedroom:

IMG_0154 IMG_0153

master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom:

IMG_0156 IMG_0155

We stayed in Victoria park 🙂


nice big garage!


little outdoor area that we didn’t use at all, we were hardly here 🙂


Before we head home we’re off to visit the Cadbury Factory, we’ve paid for the proper tour and we’re hoping it isn’t the one some former holiday home visitors have written a poor review of!

We arrive at Cadbury and walk through their Musem of where the cacao bean was discovered, thrown overboard then used as currency!! aphrodisiac and even to buy slaves.

The retro packaging is all on display, unfortunately we were given strict, no photography rules 😦

As we walk through we enter a room that apparently promotes smoocho mucho (romance) and Mark quickly reads a few quotes and leaves while I read a bit longer and oooh, awww, and nawww.

Our tour guide arrives and gives us precise instructions from start to finish.

Please smile as I hand you a goodie bag.

Please walk into this room, sniff the pipes to have your aroma experience.

Taste each of a raw cacao nib and one once mixed into a solid version of condensed milk.

Please hold the LEFT rail as you use the stairs.

I learned the cacao is brought in from indonesia, it comes here and is turned into cocoa mass (cocoa butter) then sent back to Australia then sent back to the factory here to be made into chocolate.

We’re walking up the inside of what resembles a large silo, in pure darkness other than the little hallogen lights shining across the top of each stair.  As we reach a platform a light on a timer turns on and we watch a ton (literal) of chocolate drop from the ceiling (twice) then we take the stairs back down.

Unfortunately we don’t see any of the factory, in stead we’re placed infront of a LCD screen to watch how jaffa’s are made (which we saw in the Museum anyway) while she counts and hands out pinky bars and aeroplane sized packs of jaffas.

It’s now the end of our 1hr tour, the first twenty minutes of which were just introductory instructions and listening to her talk about their statistics of chocolate made in a day, milk used, and their heritage vehicles.

I felt that was ok value of money for the four of us for $50 🙂

It’s time to go home, kids are bickering something wicked in the back seat at the moment…


then all of a sudden it’s quiet… really really quiet

“sugar crash ha!!” Mark says to me.

 IMG_0166 IMG_0165

I rest back and snooze on and off for the journey home.  We stop at a restroom and quickly at couplands for the boys pies, us girls have a salad sandwhich from our cooler ecobag then we continue the journey home,

kids once again bickering and fighting the worst of the whole trip!

one kid gets squirt with a water bottle and told to break it up!!! and the car becomes silent again in shock of mum’s crazy methods of peace-making.  I can see Mark smirking and enjoying his driving in peace and bloody quiet.

Home finally to kelly and the cousins 🙂

Bella’s only dug two holes in the lawn which is pretty good for four days since she’s been run, apart from that we hope you’ll house/dog sit again for us Kelly, Thank you so much!! it was such a nice holiday and really nice not having to kennel dogs or have the house empty for burglars.

I’ve got holiday envy after seeing a friend Angela post photos of a house up in Nelson so checked availability and they’re SO booked up!! if we get booked asap we may be able to ballot the house for this time next year 🙂

So that’s our Dunedin holiday, and we’re now saving up to stay in Nelson next Spring School Holidays.

Hope you enjoyed the read and am sure the kids will love reading about their Dunedin adventure when they’re all old sleep-deprived with their own kids one day.

Vee x


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