Visiting Dunedin, NZ Spring Break – Day 3

Sunday 4 October 2015

We get a much more relaxed start to the day and head off to visit our once Christchurch residing friends 🙂

They’ve settled – what looks like, seamlessly into Dunedin, they really do look at home here.

I met Sarah as a Manicure client through our mutual friend Selena, Sarah turned up with her children to an appointment with me one day and ever since Brook and their son Alex have been great friends! We’ll have to keep them in touch via skype and pen palling (is that cool these days?)

After our catch up we head off to the Early Settlers Museum, we’re on a one-way street and we parallel park between one rental car facing the wrong way and one facing the same direction as the flow of traffic, the rental car must have had to drive up the one way street the wrong way towards oncoming traffic to park like this. *eyeroll* tourists!

In the museum we split up all being drawn to our own interests, I head off to the clothes and fashion garments and fossil discovered trinkets while Mark looks at vehicles and technology, the kids are drawn to anything that has a touch screen near it.  The coins/currency section is interesting, and the christian/religious area has some interesting info and furniture.


 IMG_0066  IMG_0064

IMG_0067  IMG_0069

IMG_0070  IMG_0073

I’m limping like a fool that walked a steep street and it’s making me cranky being in public looking so invalid.


We finish up at the Museum and just a few sections further down the road we’re at the Chinese Botanical Gardens.

Second favorite thing on my list that we did while in Dunedin and bonus=fixed my cranky mood.

We enter the office area to pay and I’m honestly disappointed to see a non-Chinese person in lycra pants with a Chinese style tunic thrown over top.

Weird.  It was just weird.  I was expecting a zenned out Chinese lady.

Other than the office person – I’m in LOVE with this place.

IMG_0095  IMG_0077

Immediately cleansed of my crankiness, soothed and calmed into a state of peace.

We need to add a waterfall and more blossom-like trees to our garden…. the Chinese are really onto it when it comes to mental and physical health.

IMG_0098  IMG_0082

Climbing up onto the ledge of the stairs railing – made of wide pavers, wide enough for sitting on and resting against a pillar that holds the gorgeous carved roofing above,

with tight cranky legs stretched out in-front seated in a V shape, feet above me – this has to be the best leg stretch ever!


Just a few minutes or so – time really stops in a place like this.  Mark looks up from below and says “you’re in your element eh”.


The stretch does the trick for the sore calf muscles and off I go to help the kids find all the hidden bunny rabbits.


The kids are racing around jumping and running, missing many of the hidden soft toys, after many loops of areas they know the’re missing finding things,

They slow down and take their time to look properly, up and down and all the nooks and crannies of the rocks and trees.


Mark LOVES the gardens too and wants us to visit China on our OE

 IMG_0080  IMG_0078

Mark tells me their gardens have yin yang – so hard straight things like concrete and soft curved things like trees and the sound of water.

Based on that as explanation… we’re definitely each others Yin Yang 😉

IMG_0088  IMG_0089

IMG_0096  IMG_0091

The lanterns were really pretty

IMG_0090  IMG_0117

Photos of all the different things used for paving and ground cover

IMG_0087  IMG_0094 IMG_0092          IMG_0116 IMG_0107 IMG_0121


IMG_0113 IMG_0114

IMG_0122 IMG_0124

Couldn’t work these out, can you?

IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128

Not sure what this pretty flower is but it’s interesting how the petals and flower head all cup kind of like a small petall’d tulip.


 IMG_0133 IMG_0134 IMG_0135 IMG_0136

The kids find all the bunnys and are rewarded with a mini-version of a fifty cent mixture.  Mark and I pinch a lolly from each of the kids prize bags.  Ella has a meltdown; with Mark taking the ONE lolly she really wanted, he eats it without guilt and tries his powers of distraction on her without luck.  She decidedly want’s a drink and she bloody well want’s it now.

Time to go.  We head to the car and get groceries for dinner as well as the consumables to replace at the holiday home.

Tomorrow morning will be an early start as we have to clean the house before we leave, lucky for the next holidayers – both Mark and I are clean freaks.

We have a really nice meal of baked salmon, fresh salad and then kick back to watch another DVD provided by the holiday home.

The Great Gatsby.  Its an era I would typically enjoy watching, and has some truth to the story but we fade in and out of actually watching it,

the story-line is simple and just drags on and on so we head off to bed for a decent sleep.

Cadbury factory tomorrow!! Woo! Excited.


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