Visiting Dunedin, NZ – Spring Break School Holidays

Dunedin Holiday – Spring School Break 2015

Friday 2 October:

Both Mark and I slept terribly, the list of to do’s and don’t forgets, added to soon being domestically off-duty has kept us tossing and turning.  Deciding sleeps over-rated we’re both up early and onto the breakfast routine and loading the wagon with all the last-to-pack stuff.

Marks sister Kelly arrives and I’m delighted! to see both Marley (but especially) Bella take command from her during their morning feed, they sit, then they wait both full attention looking at her face waiting for their name before they can have their morning kibble.  Kelly will be fine. Phew.

The cousins along with Brook and Ella are all inside excited and jumping all over the furniture bomb-diving the bean bags and cackling laughter; while Mark runs through his “typed” list of passwords, how-to-operates, and reminders.

Into the car we get – and on the road we go! The trip should be around four hours according to the tomtom.  Stopping at Rolleston to give the tyres a check a damsel in distress can’t work the air hose machine… I sit in the car rolling my eyes at her heavily applied blush and bronze, perfect, haven’t-had-kids-yet body, and still gorgeous – even though she just got out of bed hair – while my constable does what he does best.  Helps.

Something’s wrong with the air machine, its deflating!! Her tyre…

Yes… I did sit there and laugh…. on the inside… then I offered her to maybe just put her spare wheel on.  She moved on to chatting with the petrol station attendant while the machine without-a-hitch inflated our tyres.  Random.

Off we go again and are amazed at the fuel economy of the Atenza so are talking about upgrading Marks bogan-mobile for another one.  Fingers Crossed!

Stopping at Ashburton Burger King, we endure the longest wait ever for fast-food.  They must be chopping up the spuds and baking the bread fresh I reckon.  We wait parked up around 10 minutes for two nugget burgers for the kids and Marks BK Rodeo Stunner Meal.

Remembering hot pasties at Ashburton Intermediate we stop again quickly at the clock tower bakery, I am told that we’re not allowed to call them Cornish pasties anymore since we’re kiwi.  Ok then.  The dutch lady then upsells (not really) me into buying custard squares and a chocolate torte’

On return to the car Mark tells me that there’s a knocking sound when turning corners and he’s deciding whether to have it looked at before leaving Ashburton, it appears to be wear and tear and will be fine for our journey.

We lose radio reception along the way and plug in my Samsung playing Spotify Family Road Trip.  Good beats!

Arriving at Moeraki Boulders and I’m curious to see why Mark’s so amped up about beach rocks.

We get free entry since my coffee addiction counts as a sale and they do the hummingbird coffee beans justice! Perfect extraction, perfect temperature, perfect ratio of milk : foam, and… the sugar is dissolved with having been stirred in.  High Five Moeraki Barista!

Down a short sandy ramp and a few timber stairs we’re on the beach and the sun’s out.  Really bi-polar weather today so will enjoy this sun while we can.  Mark and I take a quick selfie or two.


IMG_1683 IMG_1681

We get LOTS of photos of these massive boulders; some of them have been cracked open and look like asteroids,


We dare the kids to put their fingers in there… and then spook them.




The kids run off ahead of us several times besides us saying stay close.  They run back up the timber steps and ramp to the cafe and we quickly hide behind some foliage to teach them a lesson.

Mark and I wait… giggling and smirking… ready to jump out and scare them well and good.

They don’t come.

We run back up to the cafe and they’re not even bothered, they’re studying the ice-blocks!!

Darn. Will have to re-think/replace that trick.

We make our way begrudgingly from the sunshine back to the car and continue on the road.

I get an answer machine when calling in our dinner reservations but an hour later get a call back to confirm a table for four at Robbies. Great! that’s dinner sorted.

Arriving at Dunedin we pop into Countdown.  Mark does a flash-shop while I send a multi text to all the loved ones announcing we’ve made it! close to six hours in all… but we’re at our holiday destination finally!

We put the holiday home address into the tomtom and head over to unpack and relax before dinner.

We’re really impressed with the house! it’s so well kitted out with all the home comforts, even DVD’s!! and the people who left the house this morning have left us their home made garlic butter. YUM!

The kids race around room by room and both yell out:


There’s two sets of bunks, so they BOTH get to sleep on top 🙂

We find a DVD called Big Hero 6 in the stash and kickback with afternoon tea.

Dinner at Robbies then home for an early night.

Or so we think.

The kids are SO EXCITED!!! lol

There won’t be much sleep this holiday I guess.


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