Sweet Curried Sausages Casserole Experiment

This should take an hour in a conventional oven so lets see if the new gadget can do better!

12 pre-cooked gluten free sausages

1 large onion diced

4 carrots cut into thumb size chunks

2 large potatoes skins left on cut into thumb size chunks

1 handfull of sultanas

1 packet of maggi sweet mild curry sausages made into a paste with some of the below water

2 cups of water

Select Meat/Saute to brown sausages and onions, then add the remainder of the ingredients and pressure cook for 25 mins on high/meat setting, will leave to slow release until I’m back from an appointment but try quick release next time to see if it makes any difference, will also try to DIY replicate the Maggi packet!!

Serve as a one pot dish or on microwaved rice.

Microwave rice:

1 cup/part rice

2 cup/part water

microwave on high in a pyrex bowl for 12mins


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