Heartfelt Thought-Dump

Just blogging it out… as you do 🙂

There are many people out there really…. really…. struggling with life, whether it be with their finances, their daily commitments or job, their health, their mental health, their goals or dreams in life.

Hearing what hubby deals with makes this topic realization so much bigger than ever imagined, the world if you sit down and ponder about everything outside of your own four walls is really… quite un-stable….

Having my business (Accounting) background I closely follow the economy worldwide.

The economy if you ponder a bit is actually the center of our chain and ball.

If it’s good, we have jobs, we can afford living costs and a quality of life that supports us to be healthy in both mind and body, we are in a good head-space and position: to bless others whether physically, financially, or emotionally…

If it’s bad, we have unemployment, poverty, crowded houses with blended families that increases poor health and mental stress, we may find it hard to cope with managing day to day physically, financially, emotionally, crime and suicide… I hate that word… it turns my stomach – but the reality is… it’s related and affected by the core of our chain and ball… the economy.

NZ farmers are about to lose all their hard work as milk prices go down the toilet, the TPPA is a glass ball as to how it will affect NZ’s rights with exports and how much we import from overseas, I’ve been told just this week that rental properties are struggling to get tenants to pay the inflated rates thanks to the greedy landlords creaming it during the housing crisis post-earthquake… so are dropping rental rates week by week in desperation, have you seen the current mortgage interest rates on offer?? it’s still cheaper to go and build your own home, than to rent… provided you have that nest egg deposit saved? no… well bugger… but once you add home insurance and rates onto your mortgage… we’re almost back to the last housing cycle figures where it was cheaper to rent than own a home… but not because of interest rates this time, its because of government inflated costs (house insurance and rates)

This essay is unlikely to flow smoothly… just saying 🙂

Partly because some topics are just so taboo and some are other peoples private business to do as they wish with.

I still care… very much – about their well-being, about their lack of empathy, about why people tick they way they do.

I feel as if the world is slowly switching off to what’s happening… to better focus on their own life, goals, health etc  it’s like they WANT to switch off from all their emotions.

Why am I so worried about people switching off their feelings, their empathy, their joy, their sadness, their being engaged….


I don’t know.

Bare with… some day probably when I’m 80 and nearly done – I’ll work out the meaning to MY life, why I’m SO emotionally engaged, conscious and passionate about others being so too.

Part of my love for working in the salon is being able to have people let out that sigh … that big gust of stress off their shoulders as they sit in the manicure chair, or lay on the massage table.  This is SO rewarding… I tend to smile at them knowingly and hope they realize they’ve just… let go, you see… we’re so often oblivious to how stressed we are. Nuts huh?

I should have been a psychologist.

Told you this essay wouldn’t flow smoothly.

Will ponder some more and blog a bit more in a few days.

Vee x


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