Banana & Coconut Cupcakes GF

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Hullo! Long time no write!!  I’ve been super busy being busy.

Anyway this recipe was a real experiment so with having turned out so beautiful I must add it to the recipe log to share and to save.  I basically took the Edmonds Cupcakes recipe and went from there adding this and that, oh and I’ve costed it up for you too 🙂

These are hubby’s birthday cupcakes for work, and he asked me to make his birthday treats gluten free.

After several FFS this is going to go so badly… last time I made GF scones they were AWFUL!! and crumbly… UGH.

Anyway spoiler alert! these are DELICIOUS, FLUFFY, MOIST!


250g butter

1 cup castor sugar

4 eggs

1 cup edmonds GF self raise flour

1 cup avalanche coconut flour

1/2 cup milk

4 tsp edmonds baking powder

5 small bananas mashed

1/2 cup dessicated coconut

Total batch cost incl: paper cupcake liners, electricity, icing

$16.67 for 24 really pretty… maybe even DESIGNER 😉 cupcakes

JUST .69 cents each.

We have a bakery here in Christchurch that charges $3.50 for plain cupcake liners and flat looking GF muffins with a smear of icing.

It’s well worth the effort learning to work with GF ingredients.


Preheat the oven to 190’c fanbake.

Beat the butter and sugar really well until it lightens in color and the sugar isn’t as crunchy sounding on the beaters, add the eggs ONE at a time!! ONE …. (I’m writing this for when our children one day need to use my recipes… sorry to be so CAPITALS!!) egg at a time and beat beat beat so its fluffy… ah yes – that’s how you get your cupcakes to be soft and fluffy 😉

Sift in the flours and baking powder (you need this extra baking powder because the bananas add weight to them as they try to rise) and FOLD the mixture, add the milk and fold that in too, fold in the five mashed ripe bananas and half a cup of dessicated coconut (whoops forgot to add that to the costing) then get this into the cupcake liners and into the oven ASAP so the mixture can’t start to loose it’s fluffed up-ness.

Cook for 15 minutes then open the oven and turn it off so they can cool down slowly.


Beat the room temperature (nuke in the microwave for 10 sec if you need to) butter and icing sugar into buttercream icing, add 1/4 tsp of lemon essence (whoops that’s not in the ingredients above either sorry!) and 1-2 tablespoons of hot water IF needed then pipe with a good fat star tip (wilton 2M? dunno what this is)

Will add photos of them all iced up and pretty when I get time.

Vee x


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