Getting to know my camera settings

I think my Canon IXUS 8515 camera cost us like NZ$90.

The kids took the old one, the exact same model but a couple of megapixels less zoom on it, 6 or 7 rather than this one’s 10 – and they dropped it in the sand pit before our back yard had grass.  Ahem RIP camera.

It was a $300 camera from one of our stores, Noel Leeming or something and wasn’t worth the contents policy excess.

I’ve grown to love the simplicity and user friendlyness of the little camera  so Mark imported me an identical camera for our $90.

On a couple of occasions my Samsung S3 camera is out performing my digital Canon so I’m looking at a new camera.

With needing beautiful photos for online presence for the salon and all my soaps and crafts I’m looking at BEGGING the hubby profusely for a Canon EOS600D which comes with Twin 18-55IS & 55-250IS Lens

Lost in all those numbers? Yep me too!

So I thought I would get to work learning all the settings of my little $90 camera so that all the software lingo is digested before the upgrade.

I can already hear hubby saying WHAT!! you want $900 for a camera!! HELL NO

Well…. when I truly want something, I find a will and a way, I’ll earn this new camera fair and square so hubby is DELIGHTED and maybe even it’s HIS IDEA to hand over $900 or better still just the camera package itself.

In the meantime…

Bare with 😉

Back to my learning my cheapie inside and out!

I had a play with the color settings… something – SHAMEFULLY I’ve never!! done!


I see now how much this would benefit especially my macro photos of my soaps, cards, and clients nail designs.

For goodness sake, if you haven’t either go and have a play with your color settings.


Here’s my shots with the different settings and all done at 200 ISO (light exposure? hope I’ve got that right lol)

color tests cannon IXUS8515







Wow right?

I’ll add more when I’ve had time to play with some other settings.

Off to hem our curtains and get some batches of soap done, we’re running out fast 🙂


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