Easter 2015 Family Lunch and Epic Egg Hunt

2015 has been the most fun Easter for not only our kids but for us too!

We were blessed with Mark’s sister, her husband and the kids two cousins being back in Christchurch after a few years of being posted up north.

I sent out invitations to the family with a bring a plate request and they all turned up ready to go!

Lunch wen’t down without a hitch, dessert we forgot to pull out the fruit salad oops! but otherwise was a great finish to our family meal before we set the kids off outside to solve the riddles on the stones I’d painted in chalkboard paint and numbered.

The kids as usual had lured their group into Brooks room with “screens” so we got to work setting up their hunt and hiding eggs.

Laura set the stones around the house and property in the right order so the clues would all lead to another clue while Grandad (Rex), Richard & Linda, and Mum took a bag of ten golden eggs each to go and hide as a surprise for the kids as they hunted through the clues!

Well I thought that’s what Grandad was doing until he came up to me and offered me a golden egg.  Oh dear! “no grandad… shhhh!! and go and hide these in the garden”

“the garden”??? he says “you want me to what? put these in your garden”

“no …. hide – them”  I explain… for the kids.

Oh! Yes! and off Grandad goes. LOL


The first clue: “humpy dumpty sat on a _ _ _ _ ?

11144690_10206741245315625_1554676350_o 11144520_10206741249915740_1791288442_o 11141470_10206741249155721_577699808_o 11097227_10206741249755736_1476456583_o

they find the brick wall and then read out the next clue:  what has four legs, you sit at to eat, but it cant walk?


Off they go!!


Vee yells out “ITS A DOG, DOGS GOT LEGS”

The kids sprint outside to the enclosure without even realizing they’ve been tricked!


Mark isn’t into being tricked so makes them all calm and read the clue again.  Ella finds it inside and reads out the next clue: “four plus four equals ?, make a rhyme and go to the G _ _ _ ! “

11144712_10206741246195647_236923403_o 11097160_10206741249595732_397081278_o 11128817_10206741249715735_1878970218_o

Darn! Laura says 🙂 they found the gate so quickly!! hehe


off they sprint with the next clue: your next clue will be somewhere, should you get the urge to sneeze!


more running and giggling!


ah! a tissue box, and the next clue: “your next clue you will see if you look up in a tree”!

11144612_10206741261356026_792596988_o 11132186_10206741260275999_189728444_o


next clue: feeling sleepy….. can’t remember the rest but they quickly found the next clue in the master bedroom! Good thinking by Laura to not hide it in the kids rooms as Yup! as she deduced that was their first port of call with that clue.11141511_10206741255075869_610719978_o

The next clue tells them to go to the front door! its the second to last clue!! woo hoo


The last clue: “where would you keep last nights stew”?


Well done kids!! well earn’t prizes for solving all those clues 🙂

But what about those thirty eggs the adults put around the garden? Yep we better find em! Back to the yard 🙂










The last few eggs are a mission to find! The adults can’t quite remember where they stashed them haha so they join in and help the kids in searching the yard




The kids found 29 of the 30 golden eggs.

We’re not sure where the 30th one went?

Maybe Grandad gave it away before Vee explained to hide them? or ate it lol or maybe we got short changed in one of the bags of eggs! or maybe…. we’ve got a golden egg still out there somewhere in our garden!! 🙂

We all come inside for coffee and tea and the kids calm down with returning to their beloved screens.

Such an awesome Easter lunch and hunt and can’t wait to do something different and just as fun next year!

Vee x


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