Gardens 2015

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Here’s a wander around our yard for the start of Autumn here in Christchurch, NZ

It’s been a slightly windy and wet day here, so was perfect to transplant a loved ones roses into my front yard, I’ve been told to never do it in the heat of the day as the plants don’t cope.

These spent the last 24hrs soaking in our massive wheel barrow full of water, a much needed relief since its been such dry weather and drought up on the hills and much of the country actually.

I’ve got one of them to still prune once the little yellow flower blooms – just couldn’t bare to prune off a branch with life still so bright at the end of it. Precious little yellow flower.

Very sentimental and emotional moment planting each and every one of these rose bushes.

Yesterday I got a text from Mum (Marks Mum) saying if I’d like to come and dig out the roses up the hill at Grandma and Grandad’s… funny I still call it that since Grandma passed away a couple Christmas ago.

Miss her dearly.  I was closest to her of all of Marks family.  Told her all my secrets 🙂  She didn’t even tell Grandad! Believe me when I say I’ve tested him during conversations.

The secrets were that good huh.


Taken to the grave.

Thanks Grandma xxx


Grandma and Grandads house up on Cannon Hill Crescent, Mount Pleasant was damaged much to the extent of our own home in the February 2011 Earthquake, the difference being they were declared a repair rather than a rebuild, why – I have no idea, would have made a beautiful rebuild.

Anyway, Grandad is done dealing with the insurers and is now tidying up the landscaping to sell the property with the repairable house and the prime section of land up on the hill as is (I think this is correct but may be wrong or it may change) so much to my delight I’ve been gifted these beautiful roses to home on my own section which as you’ll know if you’ve been reading a while is fully rebuilt after the February 2011 Earthquake declared our home a uneconomical repair, thus a rebuild.

Here are some photos of the roses, as I pottered away…


Mark came and pinched the top of the soil for the grass to transplant in patches out the back yard, oh and tell me how to dig a hole etc etc

*Bugger off already! she thinks, as she nods and pretends to appreciate being told how to dig holes*


I’ve laid them all out and got the potting mix and rose food fertilizer all ready


Marley is such a great companion and look at him sitting there so well behaved even though the gates open to freedom!


All done! they look beautiful.

Bella say’s Hi!! and as usual steps over the boundary – she’s always been an exception to the rules



While at the garden centre we found a good heavy duty mat for our front door entrance finally.


This is my new view to be blessed with blooms each morning 🙂



Back Yard from left boundary fence (Kev’s side) to right boundry fence (Lorraines side) oh and Lorraine is getting her home rebuilt too! the insurers finally made a decision.  So excited for her.

20150316_192644 20150316_192651 20150316_192703 20150316_192715 20150316_192725 20150316_192730 20150316_192738

Well I’ve well earn’t my cuppa, hope you enjoyed the update and cross your fingers the roses cope with the transplant for me.


Bye for now

Vee x


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