Patience Patience DIY Easter Egg How-to

Here is how the DIY easter egg session went in my kitchen over four hours last night.

20150312_105851I was inspired by sped up, easy peasy looking you tube videos saying to just drop a load of melted chocolate into the mold then swirl it around, then up-end it to empty out the excess and leave that way to dry, after a few minutes in the fridge it miraculously just falls out of the mold, then melts beautifully on the oven tray and sticks together first pop.  No cracks, so patch ups required. Beautiful.  So simple.  Childs-play! Right?

This was a disaster and I spent four hours of fifteen minute attempts to fix it that resulted in learning the below tips, that lucky for you I’m willing to share instead of just posting pretty pictures and omitting how mentally challenged this made me.


Make sure you look at the store eggs, ingredients and their prices and weigh up first and foremost if you have enough time and patience for this, then commit to it, you’re going to make a FANTASTIC egg with way better ingredients, fair trade ingredients! awesome toys or treats inside instead of love-less mass made cheap ingredient overpriced fillers. So… no matter how long, or how many attempts or how messed up your kitchen and utensils get commit to the challenge.  You can do this!  If you’re first egg turns out like mine you will want to give up, this is why you must commit to an awesome egg before you get to bail out stage.  Oh and you will have several people, mostly those who aren’t scared of you when you’re sleep deprived tell you…. oh [this store] sells eggs cheap, cheaper, or why don’t you just buy eggs on sale at the end of the season and save them for next year.  Those kill-joys will NOT be getting an Easter egg from you this year!

My tips:

  1. If purchasing firm plastic molds make sure your molds have the inverted decorations on the surface you’re NOT coating.  Here’s the ones I brought:
  2. DO price it up and keep each egg under $5 including packaging, here’s my pricing
    500g of whittakers 72% cocoa @ $3.60 per block x 2
    Divided by 5 half-egg molds x 2 to make one whole egg = $2.88 for your chocolate
    One 12×12″ piece of cardstock & some curling ribbon to package naked style in a box = .30
    Subtotal for one egg incl packaging excl fillings or inserts = $3.18

20150312_110422You now have $1.82 left to fill it with whatever you want

  • Stickers, a handful of lollies and a dollar store toy of some sort for children
  • A recipe, a easter bible verse, a poem, an affirmation
  • Home made hokey pokey, fudge, cookies
  • A coffee sachet, tea sachet, hot chocolate sachet
  • Nail polish!! ok ok… you’d have to re-gift as this won’t fit the $1.82 budget and no way would I recommend gifting crap branded polish, you could spread the cost over four eggs with this set this is the brand I use in the salon… It’s the best I’ve come across for ease of application and durability 🙂

3. DO spray the mold with spray oil even if it says not to.
The egg WILL just pop out of the mold when its ready, Unless you skipped #3 and if that’s the case.  I told you so! :p

4. I used a cleaver to finely slice up two blocks of chocolate and melted in a glass pyrex bowl (the glass holds the heat for ages after leaving the microwave too) for two 30 sec lots then stirred with a spatula to let the remainder solid chocolate melt manually this is important, don’t be tempted to just keep blitzing it in the heat of the microwave and melt it all down lazy-styles, as you’re finished eggs won’t set up glossy and nice, they’ll set up with matte or worse – white patches.


5.  I painted just TWO coats with a silky like pastry brush and if you do so too, you will be able to use my costings above.

20150311_214759Put into the fridge upside down with a drip catcher under (yes you can remelt that!) between coats to harden, especially let the first coat harden up well so the warm-ish second layer during painting doesn’t melt and destroy your outer beauty of a finish.

6.  Do keep the coats thin and even and leave it in the fridge to harden, just gently pull the two opposite edges to help with the airlock releasing and the egg will pop out.


7. Do NOT repeatedly touch the egg with your fingertips, it will leave imprints everywhere, keep to touching the inside of the egg, the edges and use a serving spoon/s to transport it around as you put the two halves together, sit it on a wide glass upright to tie the bow on and to leave until your packaging box is ready.20150312_111325

8. Heat an oven tray lined with foil and have that ready to place the eggs on to melt the edges so you can glue it together.  Personally this drove me further closer to joining a mental institution and since mine have MUST-SEE treats inside I just tied it up with a ribbon, its going to get pried apart anyway.

Any questions? Comment below 🙂

Vee x


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