DIY Easter Planning 2015

Easter always reminds me of just how much my mother was a seasoned saver.

I remember one year I must have been eight or nine and we lived in Motueka in what I now call the wop wops.
I wasn’t expecting to celebrate with chocolate eggs but much to my surprise after I got out of bed she had been walking around the house unbeknownst to us kids, placing foiled eggs as well as a couple bigger ones in hiding places!  She didn’t tell us but must have been brimming with excitement herself, and when I found one in my room later that day the excitement between us kids hit the roof! We took all day to find them around the house and garden.  Such a happy memory.

Now one year Mark and I were really struggling to make the finances stretch, and every year prior I’d brought the big expensive eggs from the store to carry on my mothers enthusiasm, but that year – I just couldn’t.

Ever since that year I refuse to break, and buy into the marketing gimmick so we’ve done alternative things each year.

This is a DIY mold I got from Countdown a few years ago:

This year I thought filling the large ones could be fun

I’ve just brought a bunch of molds off Ebay, spent just over $NZ 20.00 and quite proud of that budget.

What does Easter cost you in your house?

Here are the links if you’re interested:

I am taking inspiration from this how-to playlist:


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