Sunday & Soap Cupboard Tour

A overcast day here in Christchurch this Sunday.


It’s been drizzling gently this morning, quite a peace inducing kind of rain.

All the gardens are looking lush and quenched by it.

Not surprising since it was extremely humid and hot, so much to get a solid sleep last-night, it was still 25’c inside at 10pm when I was checking on the latest soap batch.

The kids went outside this morning to grab some blackboy peaches.


Bella thought it was playtime and took a leap from our deck landing half way into our backyard to chase the kids ankles and see if they’ll entertain her idea to play?

Nope.  She had to go rile Marley up instead.  He was happy to oblige.

The kids have been rowdy as all hell this morning, squealing and cackling as they roar around the house… is quite smile inducing, even so, I’ve put spotify on to drown them out a bit. I gave them their 1hr limit to play on their kindle fires quite early so I could eat/drink brunch in peace, then told them to go open the games chest.

20150222_133208 20150222_133232

The peace and quiet surely is back. Phew

It’s still really grey outside so I’m not keen to venture out for a walk with it bursting into drizzling every now and then.  Its still really warm even with all the windows open.

Love lazy weekends.

I found Bob hiding to escape the rowdy kids antics. Between my office cupboard and some stock shelving. Clever Cat.

I reckon Mark absolutely loves this cat even more than his dog.  I catch him during cuddles, during secret chats and pats with Bob.  Usually I shout out “YOU LOVE HIM”!! Ha!

20150222_133647 20150222_133650 20150222_133701

Yesterday as soon as Mark pulled up they both shouted “dads home!! dad’s home! quick!” then raced around and did the “shove it under the mat” trick just in the nick of time, I’ve never seen the kids do that before they must really want their current good behavior and keep your mess tidy – bribes 😉

Its the weekend, so I’ll go along with it.

Who want’s to see my soap so far? Mark built some shelves in our humble little hot water cupboard for me 🙂

20150222_133054 20150222_133111 20150222_133117 20150222_13313220150222_133123

A big batch of the creamy white one went to my sister – thank goodness as I was running out of room.

The presents will be out after Ella’s birthday next week so that will give me a couple more shelves for batches I’m itching to whip up.

It just started drizzling again so the dogs came up to huddle under the eaves on the deck.

Of course the beautiful Bella had to get out of the way for Marley to get his photo taken.



Sounds like the kids game of cludo is about to get thrown across the room.

Diary entry for Feb. Tick!

Hope you’re enjoying some down time too this weekend 🙂

Vee x


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