Ella’s Birthday 2015

Ella’s Birthday is 1st of March, this year I’m well ahead of schedule.

I went out to Kmart to get some mason jars for a pedicure kit I’m designing for the online store but they didn’t have what I wanted, I want those little jars with the metal clasp on them that as you pull down on it – it seals the jar shut.  I think warehouse and briscoes might be a good place to visit, I’m wanting really little ones to fit around 100-150grams.

So while at Kmart I went a bit off the deep end in the craft section.

We had a brainstorm with Ella and Brook at the dinner table a few weeks ago, we asked her what she’d like for her birthday this year? and after hearing a pony, this and that… we said – look we’ve got around $100 so you’ll have to choose within that budget and you can even have the change.

So Mark comes to me one day and he’s brought Ella the perfect bike for $70 off trademe practically brand spanking new and likely a kid that was more into malls or an iphone.  Score for us!

I’ve got $30 left to get Ella the craft stuff she is dying to have of her own.

She’s always into my kit and sometimes its great because she’s really getting more and more creative each time, I love that she shares my gift in creativity.

I’m a bit attached to my craft tools and supplies so am dead keen to set her up with her own.

So that’s what I did…. as I walked around Kmart I found this and that in their $4 section.

Bargains – absolute bargains I tell ya!

Then I found an easel!! $15!! whoop, and into the trolley it goes.

Ooh she’ll need a back board for that easel – $7 wtf? $7 for a board of cardboard… OK then. Carry on.

And then….

I found a DIY stamp set!

Oooh she’ll love this 🙂

She’s always into my stamps.

Actually. I quite like this kit. hmmm

And paint! you need paint for an easel, and you need all the primary colors right? right!


10 meters of paper on a roll

I was on a roll…. I tell ya!

Then I found $2 plastic pyrex jugs! Oooh! I NEED those…. and more spatulas, never have enough of those, good god look at that cute little mini whisk! just $2 – in she goes.

A painters smock.  $6! well ok then.

It kind of became a blur but when I looked in the trolley it was a done deal

Woohoo check out Ella’s set up! Birthday 2015 is going to be Epic Fun.

I’m gonna sneak in her room when she’s asleep and set up her art corner 🙂

Can’t wait!








All of the oversize bows are made of packaging tissue paper cut into strips, joined together to go around the parcels.

Cost’s peanuts to make gifts look gorgeous for loved ones

Here’s the link to where I brought mine:




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