Best School Holidays Ever!

The 2014/2015 Summer School Holidays have been awesome!

  • Two weeks of close down for the salon
  • Mark was home for Christmas
  • Christmas day at home was lovely
  • The weathers been perfect! just enough hot days with just enough inside cooler days.
  • The kids behavior has been amazing – hardly any bickering like usually happens especially towards the end of the holidays.
  • Marks end of year work doo was great at lincoln
  • Time with friends and family has been lovely


  • Christmas day at ours
  • Boxing day at my brothers
  • Birthday lunch at the watershed for Mary and Rex (grandad)
  • Spent my sisters wedding anniversary with her and her husband
  • Brook went camping for a night, this was his first night away from home and amazingly I wasn’t the least bothered, great trustworthy and responsible family. He asked them and stayed a second night!
  • Brook went to adrenaline forest with them which he loved.
  • All the crafting and sending overseas as well as NZ cards and parcels – so much fun
  • My homemade copycat recipes have been amazing and everyone seems to love them
  • Finally learnt to make cold process soap! got over the fear of lye burns and it was so much fun
  • Mark’s been amazing and floated in and out of our schedule seamlessly from his long work hours and days off
  • Day at Pegasus, even though we were all cranky as all hell – we went and it was a breath of fresh air
  • Brooks been running lots throughout the holidays while us girls ride our bikes/scootas
  • Kids LOVE their Christmas presents! Kindle Fires, Ella’s reading and writing has got so much better and she has developed a love of crafting!
  • Kids have taken to their chores like ducks to water over the holidays.  I think I might reduce these for 2015 so they can have more time and energy for their schoolwork and sports!
  • Sports for 2015 – better get that organized! Equally nervous about adding sports to our already odd/busy schedule.
  • Had some wonderful times with our friends over the holidays and realized just how poorly some people had treated my friendship over 2014 so have cut ties with them. Feels empowering.
  • We got a kitten!! and Bella loves him. So does Mark!! Its so good to have a pet “inside” the house again.
  • Lots of swimming these holidays
  • Mark has had a few technique lessons courtesy of Brendan and Laura – his swimming has really improved
  • Mark sold my little hatch RunX and is looking at wagons.

The holidays have gone way too fast! I am already looking forward to the Easter 2015 holidays and to Christmas break 2015.

I always remind myself how different the holidays now are, compared to working in the CBD where my 3 weeks holiday over the office close down were full of stress about holiday programmes and schedules for the remainder three weeks, six weeks felt like eternity with the stress of working away from home, so I’m forever grateful for being able to work from home, have this time with the family and for us to live a relaxed NZ lifestyle.

Life is so good.

2015 is going to be amazing! even winter has me excited, I’m full of inspiration by my crafts to make winter less dreary.

Some things on my to do list:

  • Make seasonal cushion covers for our oversize couch cushions
  • Get the curtains hemmed before winter and condensation – they’re way too long
  • Get weight resistance back into my exercise schedule
  • Keep up with the salon promos to suit the seasons
  • Enjoy each day to the fullest 7am-11pm 😉

I hope you have also had a great set of holidays and your 2015 is your best year to date.



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