Cheese Ball Recipe

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This is the Edmonds recipe with a frugal twist thanks to my SIL for mentioning to just use relish or chutney!

Anyway for those of you reading from around other parts of the world here’s our kiwi cheese ball recipe


1 cup grated tasty cheese

250 gram of cream cheese (keep chilled right up til you use it)

3 tablespoons of relish or chutney

1/2 a teaspoon of paprika

squirt some worcester (boss) sauce in to taste

something crushed up to roll it in, I used some old broken crackers from the bottom of our cracker bin and sunflower seeds to add a contrast of color/texture



Grate the cheese and mash in the cream cheese, don’t faff around as if the cream cheese gets to room temp you’ll have a mother of a time being able to roll it in the crushed coating.

Mix in the relish/chutney, paprika, worcester sauce then while you’re wearing gloves or with super clean hands (give them a scrub with a teaspoon of salt and handwash as you definitely dont want dead skin rolled in your cheese ball ewwww), hand mold it into a large ball, use one hand to hold it while your other hand grabs handfulls of your coating and presses into it as you turn it in your hand.

Wrap in glad wrap and put in the fridge overnight.

Serve with chips, mini bagels, snax, chopped carrots etc etc


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