Mini Cupcakes Box with Envelope Punch Board

I’m obsessed with LUSH products!

I went in there today to get inspiration for the presents I’m making for the salons loyalty clients and as soon as you walk in its like happy ville.

So back home I get set to work making some bath bombs, as cupcakes!! I’ve found the only reliable way to decorate them at this stage is to use royal icing unfortunately as it can’t go in the bath (can cause yeast infections) So will have to learn how soaping works and try to get a soap mold that is the shape of cupcake icing… hmmm ideas ideas way too many at this time of year with being so busy with the kids, salon and family stuff.

So I’m just logging in my proto-type so far so tomorrow I can keep tweaking this nearly perfect design.

Papersize: 9×9 inches

Punch and Score on the envelope punch board at 3.5 inches then at 2.5 inches

Fold it up and work out where you want the window to overlap so you can see the cupcake from both angles, place your die on it and run through the cuttlebug

Cut a piece of plastic (flexi as possible without compromising the structure – I’m using laminating pouches as that’s what I have on hand to use up) and adhere it well with good ole sellotape

I’m having it open from the right end with a pull out tray.

I’ll design the pull out tray also using the punch board then running it through the cuttlebug with the circle die again.

Then I want to add a nice image to the inside back of the box to see through the window…

Then add instructions, ingredients, made and use by dates and a gift tag

Here’s a photo of the prototype so far…




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