Cheese Ball Recipe

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This is the Edmonds recipe with a frugal twist thanks to my SIL for mentioning to just use relish or chutney!

Anyway for those of you reading from around other parts of the world here’s our kiwi cheese ball recipe


1 cup grated tasty cheese

250 gram of cream cheese (keep chilled right up til you use it)

3 tablespoons of relish or chutney

1/2 a teaspoon of paprika

squirt some worcester (boss) sauce in to taste

something crushed up to roll it in, I used some old broken crackers from the bottom of our cracker bin and sunflower seeds to add a contrast of color/texture



Grate the cheese and mash in the cream cheese, don’t faff around as if the cream cheese gets to room temp you’ll have a mother of a time being able to roll it in the crushed coating.

Mix in the relish/chutney, paprika, worcester sauce then while you’re wearing gloves or with super clean hands (give them a scrub with a teaspoon of salt and handwash as you definitely dont want dead skin rolled in your cheese ball ewwww), hand mold it into a large ball, use one hand to hold it while your other hand grabs handfulls of your coating and presses into it as you turn it in your hand.

Wrap in glad wrap and put in the fridge overnight.

Serve with chips, mini bagels, snax, chopped carrots etc etc


Cupcake Bubble Bath Bombs Recipe


3 Cups Baking Soda

1 1/2 Cups Citric Acid

1/2 Cup Cornflour

1/4 Cup Kaolin Clay

4 Tespoons SLSa (some people are allergic/sensitive to this and you can omit it but your bombs wont turn into bubble bath without it they’ll be plain bombs)

Essential Oils (next on my list to try is a chocolate and coconut scented one) or/ 1 1/2 Tablespoons of cosmetic fragrance oil

6 Tablespoons of a good light carrier oil (i’m using grapeseed and apricot kernel at the moment)

Spritz with a sterile water (witch hazel water or actual distilled water if you have it somehow) to help it moisten for pressing into the mold you choose to use.

Put in the hot water cupboard overnight to dry out then gently take out of the molds and ice


Use a royal icing like below (remember to halve or quarter it):

3 eggs whites room temperature
1 pound powdered sugar (confectioners)
1 teaspoon cream of tarter
Combine ingredients, beat at high speed 7-10 minutes. pipe it on like you do with read cupcakes and then wait as it magically goes hard over the next hour or so.

Put on the label to toss out the frosting before putting the bomb in the bath as sugar in baths may cause irritation and or yeast infections, careful with which oils you choose if using essentials, cinnamon for a simple example can cause serious heat up of skin and could result in burns if overdosed.

I half this recipe and use mini cupcake silicone molds, place them in the hot water cupboard overnight then transfer into patty casings and ice the next day.

Box up using my envelope punch board window box tutorial in packs of two’s but hated how labor some it was so went with baggies instead

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Found several recipes online and youtube so this was a result of those combined haha

I found the cheapest place to get all the ingredients was my massage supplies company, they’re based in Kaiapoi, Chch, NZ and have all this stuff listed on their trademe account but not on their website

Next recipe coming soon is my body massage melts, going to do a sports one and an insomnia one 🙂

Still playing with packaging… I want a two piece baggie but this turned out sized for three… (doubled the large baggie on the punch board e.g paper increased to 12” x 6” instead of 6×6)

New folder (3)

Need….. to go to bed so will try and do a 1.5 size of the large baggie to fit the two nicely


WW 4 Ingredient Christmas Cake


1kg mixed dried fruit soaked in two cups of black coffee overnight

150 grams fruit and nut chocolate chopped up

2 cups self raising flour

Mix together, put into a 20 x 28 greased cake tin and bake for 180’c for 50-60 mins actually personally I like to bake in a donut cake tin as food just cooks better

Will add photo once cooked.

Ice if you want to, I never do as its just more calories to a calorie laden time of year 😉


Mini Cupcakes Box with Envelope Punch Board

I’m obsessed with LUSH products!

I went in there today to get inspiration for the presents I’m making for the salons loyalty clients and as soon as you walk in its like happy ville.

So back home I get set to work making some bath bombs, as cupcakes!! I’ve found the only reliable way to decorate them at this stage is to use royal icing unfortunately as it can’t go in the bath (can cause yeast infections) So will have to learn how soaping works and try to get a soap mold that is the shape of cupcake icing… hmmm ideas ideas way too many at this time of year with being so busy with the kids, salon and family stuff.

So I’m just logging in my proto-type so far so tomorrow I can keep tweaking this nearly perfect design.

Papersize: 9×9 inches

Punch and Score on the envelope punch board at 3.5 inches then at 2.5 inches

Fold it up and work out where you want the window to overlap so you can see the cupcake from both angles, place your die on it and run through the cuttlebug

Cut a piece of plastic (flexi as possible without compromising the structure – I’m using laminating pouches as that’s what I have on hand to use up) and adhere it well with good ole sellotape

I’m having it open from the right end with a pull out tray.

I’ll design the pull out tray also using the punch board then running it through the cuttlebug with the circle die again.

Then I want to add a nice image to the inside back of the box to see through the window…

Then add instructions, ingredients, made and use by dates and a gift tag

Here’s a photo of the prototype so far…