Chickpea brownies!!?? OMG!!





Seriously OH MY GOODNESS you have to make this recipe before you bother putting those sugar, butter and crap laden brownies I used to make in your body. Lordy lordy I’ve been living under a rock!

So these chickpea brownies have No flour, sugar or dairy.  I wondered anxiously how these would bake into the same texture as a traditional brownie?  I put a 1/4 teaspoon of the raw cacao into my mouth to testdrive and thought oh no…. that does NOT taste like chocolate…. more like a walnut shell crushed up with a hint of banana and something bitter at the end…. like coffee bitter.

I thought what the hell lets proceed… Blender out and onto those chickpeas, dates in water soaking and the oven preheating.

I sat on my stool watching with fascination as the weird concoction started to resemble a normal baked good.

Here’s the recipe:

8 dates ( I used 10, dont use 10… they’re way too sweet, lesson learnt)

4 tbsp of the water from soaking the dates

3 1/2 tbsp coconut oil (I measured it out solid at a guess instead of using metric)

5 tbsp raw cacao (seriously don’t alternate this for cocoa – its NOT the same and when you read the health benefits of cacao you will want to bathe your body in the stuff, too bad it’s so darn expensive but ahem all good things are 😉

3 tbsp raw honey or agave ( I used manuka but will try something blander next time, these turned out way too sweet)

pinch of cinnimon or cardamon ( I found cardamon rolling around in the pantry so tossed a bit of BOTH in haha)

2 eggs

200g chickpeas (now I got a 400g tin, rinsed them good and well then put them on my scales. LUCKILY! as once the liquid is gone from the tin they actually only weigh in at 200 grams! so the label saying 400g of chickpeas is definitely something that could have caught me out, luckily I hadn’t doubled the recipe like I was contemplating)

1 good teaspoon of baking powder

a good handful of walnuts roughly chopped up


1. preheat oven to 180′ and put dates in hot water for 10 mins then drain and reserve 4 tbsp of the liquid

2. blend the dates and the reserved 4 tbsp water to a paste then add the honey, spices, and coconut oil and blend some more

3. blend the eggs and chickpeas together to make a smooth liquidy paste then add the cacao, baking powder, and the date paste, throw in the chopped walnuts

4. spread into a lined baking tin 20×20 and bake 30-40 mins watching carefully as mine were overcooked by 40 mins but the oven’s a bit flash and I’m still learning 😉

Credit to staying healthy and fit blog and this is the direct link to the recipe: Healthy Brownies.


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