Bacon, Leek & Potato Quiche

Before I truck on with the recipe I just want to mention to check your bacon packaging when you’re next in the supermarket.

Heller’s and one other brand are the only two I could find that are cruelty-free farming.


250g Hellers Streaky Bacon panfried and diced into hearty large chunks

50g Feta broken into wee pea sized pieces, this makes it really creamy(optional)

3x leeks chopped up chunky like the bacon

1x medium potato diced into 1x1cm squares

1/2 packet of pams flaky puff pastry (use both pieces of it if you want to top your quiche, then brush with egg yolk)

4 Tbs flour

1/2 c grated regular cheese

4 eggs

2 c milk


Preheat oven to 200′ C (I used the 3D hot air, which I think is fanbake more or less)

Roll out pastry and put into a buttered ceramic 20×20 dish, prick the base of it with a fork then put in oven for around 5 mins to precook a little.

Fry bacon then chop up into chunky pieces and set aside.

Dice all your leeks, potato and set aside.

Grate the cheese and set aside.

Take the flour in a bowl and add a little of the milk to make a paste, once its smooth … keep adding the rest of your milk, then the eggs and get them whisked well and good with that fork.

Add the meat and veg’s then transfer the lot into the pastry lined dish.

Sprinkle with fresh pepper and salt and the grated cheese and bake for 30 mins on fanbake, or maybe 40 mins if you are using regular bake.


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