Village life for 10 months

10 months!

Doesn’t sound like very long does it?

How come it was so long when a build only takes 20 ish weeks?


We moved to the Linwood Village on 8 November 2013

Once moved out our 3 bedroom house and garage was able to be deconstructed, and the salvage teams came in, the asbestos people did their thing… then the demolition machinery and trucks arrived that all took a week or so to do then on a unannounced Friday morning – 20 minutes later our house is a pile of rubble.

Our neighbor videoed it for us if you want to see it click here

This was November 2013.

Then came Christmas! Close down for four weeks for all builders and such.

The council consents were requested when the holiday period finished and that took around 4-6 weeks.

We’re then at the point of the foundations…. so many new requirements meant tradies are learning as they go, with the support of experts putting their two cents worth in for earthquake proof foundations.

It’s dug out, the pile holes are hand dug then placed for them to arrive the next morning and realize the sand has caved in and now the piles are all wonky. oops.  Every little one of these delays has further delayed our move home.

So they get cardboard surrounds for the holes, then set them in with concrete.

The floor rails go on (I should know what they’re called by now!! lol) then what looks like chipboard goes on. what!!

Wet weather and a builder who just isn’t turning up over three ish weeks… our chipboard and framing to the house just sits doing nothing.

He’s fired. A new builder comes on board and gets it all up in a day or two.


The roof goes on, cladding goes on, and from there it seems tradies are there maybe once a week tinkering away at the internals.

Once a week.

What is going on???

Not enough tradies and not enough.

We get to our contract date 3 June and the house is no-where finished, the final slog is the most frustrating and stressful thing we’ve ever been through – you can read here what happens

We get delayed four to five times in total, around three months after our contract date we move into our almost finished home.

We are by no means finished though.

Follow us as we get fencing, landscaping, vegetable gardens, lawns (which are so complex!! to grow, especially when the soil is all sand) and the house feeling like home on the inside.

Luckily Vee LOVES gardening, and her hubby LOVES DIY projects!

I will do a post on our first week at home so keep an eye out for that one

Vee x


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