23 Sleeps to go

Mark’s been visiting the house regularly, especially this week.

Each time he’s arrived the house has been unlocked! and no one’s been there.

The heat pump copper has been cut an stolen.

After no response from texts and emails about the lax security I’d had enough.

What’s next? squatters and tagging all over our interior??

We have expensive kitchen appliances just sitting there nicely packaged for whoever to come and take.

I send this to the project manager and he calls me… apologizes and so I continue on with

How!!! are you going to finish by the 29th!!

We’re being sent updates saying:

“vinyl’s been laid”

We turn up a week later and it’s not even on site!

In fact no workers are, and day to day…. we’re not seeing work being done.

Who is giving our PM these rubbish “updates”?

His answer: the tradies

What a great working relationship he has with his liar liar pants on fire tradies right?

My thoughts exactly.

I’m so stressed that I start ranting and the PM has to ask me to stop talking for a minute so he can get a word in.

This has been the most stressful thing to ever go through… add to that Mark’s job and not knowing who-the-hell is walking through our home? while its so graciously unlocked…

None of their words or schedules they send us are matching workers being on site doing the work.

He’s promised until he’s blue in the face that we’re getting our keys on the 29th.

I’ve told him I just can’t take his word for it when we’ve been delayed so much from 3 June.

I’ll believe it when he hands me the keys on the 29th.

I’ve promised we’re moving in no matter what!

My moving truck will be there 1 Sep

The skyline garage people said that it normally takes 8 weeks!! this was a week ago.

Why!! hasn’t this been pre-booked/ordered and ready?

I kept my cool.
The skyline people have promised to push this the best they can to meet the schedule.

God help them.

If we move home and the garage, driveways, that massive pile of dirt in what used to be my beautiful garden, and the deck – is not finished.

God help them… I’m about to reach a new level of crazy – woman – from – mars.

In the meantime I have no option other than to HOPE he isn’t placating me, and get on with LIFE for the meantime.

Here’s some beautiful photos from the view from our bedroom here at the village, the parks were mowed yesterday and the dewy lawns with sun shining bright really was a nice sight to see.




Marks getting our MTB’s ready for us to hit the forest together this morning I’ll see if I can get some photos while there, as imagine is as beautiful as our bedroom view 🙂

Kitchen Photos:

Very excited about equal sized duo draws – three in from the left end, but won’t tell you why… make sure you check it out when you come to the housewarming, it’s a flash thing to have in an aranui kitchen lol

 photo 3

Handle-less cupboards…. pwhorrrr – that’s cool!

photo 2

Laundry behind two concertina doors, same cupboards up top, a sink!! no rusty tubby thing, but a nice bench sink, and ducting!! for the dryer – no more wiping walls of condensation after drying the towels because the dryer will vent outside.

I just have to write all these little things down – they’re a big deal, and could be easily taken for granted.

This laundry is so tiny but it’s beautiful.  If you remember my old laundry that lead to the loo you will be able to appreciate just how beautiful this little hidden laundry and the custom joinery made specifically for it – really is.

Love love love!

photo 1


Mark!? “what do those bits of paper say”??

Mark: “this is not a work bench, it’s been delivered in perfect condition, any damage is due other to tradesmen”


That’s nice isn’t it 😉

Fair enough I reckon.