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Four weeks to go – Rebuild update


This week I contacted some ready-lawn companies,

The first quote including labour came in at $5200!!

Yikes, their per sqm rate for the lawn only = $9 so it’s going to be well worth us laying it ourselves to save just under $4,000 !

I’m still trying to pin down a cheaper rate than that, I’m hoping as close to $1k as possible, let me know if you know any ready-lawn suppliers that are a better rate.  This quote is from the one in Kaiapoi, and the one in Halswell.

I’ve created a lawn-laying/house-warming party event via facebook, if I’ve missed you please yell out as we wan’t all the help we can get.

Fully catered with drinks for lunch and dinner.  I’ve asked Marks mom and auntie to help with the food, kids, and keeping the house tidy-ish.

Selena would you pretty please consider loaning that handy present you got? it would be perfect for keeping our food warm 😉

Lots of you have sports and family stuff on a Saturday so we understand if you can only come for a short time 🙂


Well the same place has come back with $1500 quoted for the 165 m2 of ready lawn INCL delivery which is fantastic for such a large area.

I’ve created a working bee / housewarming event and am seriously excited about everyone coming together to lay our lawn as well as kill two birds with one stone and check the new house out 🙂

It’s going to be SO MUCH more FUN than if Mark and I slogged away ourselves one weekend.


Also today I talked to someone at skyline garages, I couldn’t get a word in actually – what an obnoxious fella.

I siked our PM onto him and low and behold the next call to the guy he seemed to have calmed down a notch.



Carrying on…..

So the colors and layout for the garage had to be confirmed but because it hand’t been ordered yet!!?!?! what!??? That’s correct…

It could take 8 weeks!!


I’m not sure who’s at fault, either skyline didn’t place the order or the housing company didn’t place the order but this guy better pull some strings.

Our date is 29 August and if that changes I will have another meltdown.


So yay! grass and HOUSE WARMING sorted – tick !!

Garage and another contractor dealt with – high five Vee!!, tick!!

I’ve had the best day today too by the way 😉

Time for dinner – apricot chicken casserole. Mmmmmm


I’ve booked a private artist/landscaper/architect to meet with me next Monday.

Its remarkably affordable.

$250 incl GST

He comes on site, and after 2-3 hrs gives you a drawing of ideas you and he may discuss for your landscape design.

You’re left with a professional drawn design for your yard.

Exciting or what!

Our yard is a total mess, its too much for me to want to start from scratch after all the long days I put in while Mark was at college.

This is my compromise 😉 and I’m really excited!!

Someone with fresh ideas, and the know how to help me best design our gardens, with plant knowledge and foresight.

No longer am I upset at the mess of my beautiful yards.  I’m ready for a fresh start.

The skyline garage guy got dealt with via email and phone to save another trip to the site.



I haven’t been to the house at all this week!  This week has gone so fast.  I’ll see if I can get photos when I’m there on Monday.



Its August!

Countdown is about to begin…. 28 sleeps to handover of our keys.

Marks got a couple of weeks off mid September so I’m in two minds whether to stay here until then or MOVE IT asap!

Both options have benefits and down points.

Hmm… Decisions Decisions.

Well today we should get our next weeks schedule for the house progress from the PM

I’m starting to get really REALLY excited.

Gosh darn it!

I want to stay mad at them… but they’ve fixed all the issues, and the only thing to be mad about is the 3mths late built house.


Also really excited about our lawn laying party, it will be so much fun! and the lawn will remind me daily of the awesome people who came and rallied to help us complete our home restoring the yard to its former beauty.