House photos

I called in today to extra nicely ask my neighbour if we can park a car at his house until our concrete is dry.

Concrete for garage is poured.

Concrete for the drive and front path are all boxed in – a slight variation to what I had as the concrete layer (who were all there with the deck steps builders) thought it would be safer to butt the path right up against the salon entry steps rather than me fill them in with rocks, tripping hazard.  I totally agree and am glad he’s made a decision without us just using good ol common sense.

Sorry forgot to snap photos of the driveway and the deck, and steps – will try again tomorrow.


Ohh my gosh the carpet is soft!!! I could just curl up in the sun here but better not…

Act normal!!


Toilet room

Who remembers how much Vee paid to plumb in her $5 trademe bargain toilet sink in the old house? lol

20140828_144423 20140828_144434 20140828_144438

One of our double hallway cupboards, another one on the wall opposite the laundry.  Storage for Africa!


The Mr and Mrs robes, I’ll probably use half of his as well as all of mine


One of the kids robes, love the look and function of these, great air circulation, and we now don’t need clothes draws in any rooms taking up space. Just a bed, side table and desk in each of the kids rooms.


My neighbor Kevin keeps getting his hair in my shots haha…. sorry Kev!

So this is a shower over bath, we have a califont shower (electric instant hot water so never run out or run cold) so the surround that goes on top of the bath and attaches to the wall wasn’t working to run off water.  Council consenting issue so they need to redo something.

Oh yes all the water is flowing out the taps that I tried.

Oh my gosh I love the kitchen and laundry taps Mark!!

Catch up: Mark designed, chose the colors, taps, basically everything for this house – he’s done amazing, I love what he’s chosen for our home.


Laundry is behind two double bifolding doors at the end of our hallway.  dryer goes in the cubby below to the left, washer goes to the space on the right, awesome storage again Mr Stewart! xx


Sorry Kev!!

This is the larger of the two living areas, gets all day sun and leads out to the massive backyard deck (50m2 deck)


I took this photo to show you that massive pile of dirt has been removed, I went for a walk to look-see at the raspberries and gosh they need some TLC

Can’t wait to get home and into my gardens.

Not long to go.


Christmas gifts in the making

I know! I know… Christmas is still three months away.

I’m trying to get organized.

I’ve been looking at my aromatherapy notes and have created recipes with a theme of peace on earth, and joy to the world

Bare with.

Peace on earth: this will be bath salts with a de-stress essential oil blend and earthy accessories like a disposable wooden spoon and twine around paper baggie packaging (using my giftbag punch board and my cuttlebug to die cut a view window in it)

Recipe: (not yet tested, I will test this and tweak if necessary)

12 drops clary sage essential oil, 4 drops lemon essential oil, 4 drops lavender essential oil

3 cups of a mixture of pretty pink himylayan and regular epsom salts

1 tablespoon of carrier oil

Use: 1/2 – 1 cup per bath or a hand ful in a foot spa/bucket

note: these need to be 100% pure essential oils, not cosmetic or fragrance oils… as we do want the therapeuticbenefits with the bath.

Joy to the world: this will be a massage oil for when they step out of the bath, they’ve de-stressed with the aromatherapy and de-toxed with the salts, so lets throw some joy to the world at them with happy aromas and skin loving sweet almond oil.

Recipe: (again not yet tested and I will tweak if necessary)

8 drops bergamot essential oil, 8 drops pink grapefruit essential oil, 4 drops rosewood essential oil

112 ml of sweet almond oil

I’m searching for clear bottles with suitable lids, either flip top or screw top and will look at designing labels for them with festive ribbon.

Will post photos once I’ve completed these gifts.

I found these super cute bottles that would be perfect for the bath salts online but they’re still a bit pricey for how many people I’m making these for so I’ll stick with my plan to make pretty little baggies with earthy accessories :|675379417

If you too are in NZ I buy all of my essential oils and raw materials from

Wish me luck!!