Rebuild nearly complete

Sorry my entries for the rebuild came to a standstill – I wasn’t coping with it.

It’s been the hardest life event ever, crept into my marriage with stressful decision making over in-differences, and stretched my patience beyond limits I knew even existed…. I tried my best to stay out! of this project but no longer could keep quiet!!

Mark had been “accepting” all of the sub-standard and unfair outcomes to just…. be

Finally I couldn’t take it any longer.

Fortunately with one heated call to Arrow I vented every. single. one of my problems that have built up over this process – the guy was amazing, he was almost soothing to vent to – empathized and promised to have it all sorted for me.  He understood that sometimes husbands are more “chilled out” about the rebuild process, and it was so nice that he didn’t judge me, he just said:

What needs changing?

OK – I can do this, this, and this…

Is that ok?


I slept the best night ever that night.  All that stress gone.  With just one phonecall.  Amazing!


If you wan’t life to be fair, just, and for businesses to perform to your expectations you have to SPEAK UP

NO – does’ not mean no!!

It mean’s:

1) let’s compromise

2) here have some more money


As many have read from my facebook we’ve had a major milestone with the rebuild of our home.

We have had to fight hard for them to agree to finish the house properly.

Deck which is 1m high has to have a ballustrade (this is additional and a compliance issue so AMI/Arrow is footing the bill) we’re very happy with the style we got to choose, powdercoated steel to match our joinery.

Unfortunately the deck steps can’t go off to the side so have been centered leading down into the yard, this too has silver linings design wise.

The foundation scraping dirt that has been forever an angry point for me has been agreed to be removed and disposed of at the housing companies cost, Arrow contacted the housing company and sorted this for me.  Miracles happen!!

This is such a big deal!! It means this spring we may just have a lawn (readylawn/hydrolawn…. still not sure yet) and backyard to enjoy an uplifting summer after this absolutely miserable winter stuck in this tiny, no privacy, no yard, and mud pit with our dogs – rental.

It’s been tough.  Don’t judge me until you’ve lived in a public village for 10 months straight in a house that you can’t heat properly, with weird neighbors moving in and out, strange noises 24/7 ruining your sleep-cycle, and no storage for all of our household furniture.

Where we’re at 🙂

At this point next weeks schedule is:

  • Kitchen installed
  • Vinyl flooring installed
  • Bathroom furniture installed
  • Door handles and hardware’s fitted
  • Sills installed under all sliders and windows
  • Foundations for garage to be dug out

I’m going to try and get weekly updates in the diary, so that later in life the memoir for the rebuild is the best it can be.

Will add some of our latest photos as a slideshow below once I get them off Mark’s phone.


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