Landscape and Driveways

We’ve been given another date for our house build’s completion – 29 August 2014

3 months past our contract date.

I’ve been so mad since receiving this date but now am ready to get stuck in and focus.

On the corner of our house is the salon, it’s small but, simple and adequate… I want the outdoor area to this to flow and help it feel somehow larger

Here’s the

Somehow we need TWO lots of entrance steps and fencing with gates to both the salon and the front door of the house, it’s tricky because I want the salon ladies to be directed to just the salon door, where as anyone else I want them to walk past that entrance and carry on to the front door.

I imagine that the couriers will dump stuff at the first entrance at the salon steps.

So we need some sort of fencing or dividing to clearly show the salon vs the front door entrances.

And… we don’t want the salon entry to be directly visible from the street, so as to display a convenient access for break-ins.

Also… we’ve only got a certain amount of driveway concrete available and it’s not enough to concrete the whole lot so it will have to be paths with steps.







3 thoughts on “Landscape and Driveways

    • We’ve got a guy who’s a landscaper/architect/artist who I’m going to book to come and help, its $250 incl GST (our cost) and he draws the blueprint labelling shrubs/plants as you walk around your yard with him.
      We’ve ummed and arrr’d about this cost, but I think it will be well worth it to save our debates over it.

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