Mid June 2014

So… we’re STILL in the temporary village 😦

Everytime we get an update from the building project manager/company I just want to throw rocks at him.

It’s like he’s soooo pleased with himself for the progress week to week… but the dipshit’s forgotten that we were meant to be HOME on 3 June.

The village house is really expensive living, heat, extra travel, and since our insurance ran out around 20 weeks of being here (we moved in 8 November 2013!!) we’ve had to be paying towards the Government emergency fund that pays when rent runs out… it’s $100 short per week… so that’s coming out of our pocket until we get to move home.

This earthquake has cost us SO much.

Moving on.

This week the plan for the house is GIB to go on.

I wish I could be really excited but the “being stuck here” kind of kills it.

So many people have moved out for their rebuilt homes – these are people who moved into the village AFTER us.

Apparently we’re the third person to tell one of my nail ladies of being unhappy with our housing company.  So I guess at least they’re consistent with their customers.

For the meantime – Mark is dealing with the PM.

I dont’ even want to look at the git.

I said moving on. darn… whoops… ok moving on.

I’ve done a separate entry for the salon progress

I’m exhausted today, not sleeping – Marks working those awful shifts that finish at 7am at the moment.

I have had him home for the last six of eight weeks so it’s time to get used to sleeping solo again.

The kids behaviour has been awol.

Working on some bribes/incentives/school holiday activities

They’re likely bored.

Little blessings… lol

Well the oven is calling… better go serve up dinner.

Tomorrow I’ll be washing all the walls down… they are awful with all this rain the dogs have brushed dust and mud up against doors and furniture.

Winter’s only just begun.

Mark has photos of the house progress that I will upload once he’s up later.


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