Face masque

I have no idea how this happened, I was online, started reading, got excited, then went and spent $40 on random sciency ingredients to make my own face masque?


Total credit to http://www.humblebeeandme.com who’s website is my new hobby!!

Just kidding!

Actually… I’m trying to find dark cocoa butter so that I can make the body butter oreo truffle things!!

Then I want to try… soap, candles, and see if I can replicate some of my favorite stuff from LUSH in northlands mall.

I went in to bin inn and hubby will laugh when he reads this.

I needed TWO ingredients.

It took me nearly quarter an hour to get OUT of the shop! Again.

…so I’m trying to find somewhere online to buy these weird ingredients.

Like Chia seeds.

Why.  Are these not readily available yet? everyone knows about these babies!!

By readily available I mean – not priced like gold! far out some places are cheeky with their prices.

Where was I? oh yes face masque….

So I’m putting this in here because it was freaking awesome! I changed the mud so it could be PINK!!

Of course.

Also the pink mud had different minerals and benefits too, it was a better option for sensitive skin too.

By mud – I mean powdered mud.

OK ….


3 Tablespoons French Red clay, which is pink once blended in this masque… red clay is good for for detoxing, healing and strengthening the body

2 Tablespoons Zinc Oxide, I got this at the health shop around $3 for 50 grams of it (1 Tablespoon is 15 grams)

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

5 Drops of Chamomile essential oil (brace yourself… this stuff is crazy EXPENSIVE!!) Mark will never know… he probably won’t read this post… since it’s titled Face Masque haha

3 Drops Honey myrtle essential oil or tea tree ( I omitted this… I didn’t have honey myrtle and didn’t want tea tree in it)

1 Drop Helichrysum essential oil (what on earth is that? I didn’t put this in either lol)

5 Drops Benzoin essential oil – definitely put this in, its amazing and in another of my aromatherapy oil blends, great for your skin!!

Blend it all in something small like a coffee grinder, I’ve got a breville chop N whizz that I used.

The white plastic on it is now pink.

The woman at the herbal dispensary where I brought my overpriced red clay ($12!! for 50 grams of it) said it won’t color my skin….

Looking at my chop N whizz… I began to doubt her.

Looking at my makeup pad with toner on it after doing the face masque with pink on it… I can confirm it does somewhat leave a film of color on you… but hey – who isn’t up with some rosy pink cheeks?

Yes, the toner gets it off.

So that’s the recipe with my adjustments, and omissions…. whats my opinion?

It was great!

I loved the red clay and that it gave me a pink tint, the toner removed any un natural pink tint but maybe if you are as fair as a pom you may want to use a different clay, you can get green, white, red, and some others I can’t remember but just go with white if you are worried.

My skin did feel nice and soft and clean and pores looked like they’d had a good clean out.


Love it.  Especially love that since it’s a powder I can gift it!!

Who want’s some??

I used 2 teaspoons of the powder and added one teaspoon of warm water and it made a beautiful paste that I used my makeup brush to apply.

I’ll put photos up next time I apply it so you can see the paste.

It’s super pretty!!



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