Thursday: Architect Required – Cardmaking…

Worst card-making project.



First attempt I used the scoring board on my guillotine and a craft knife.

IMG_6508[1]  IMG_6507[2]


Chunky rips and feathered edges.

The tutorial video used a cutting board with a blade that can begin cutting at any point inwards from the edges.

I work out if I fold the card up along the score lines I can cut through both sides of it then flip it 180 degrees and do the same at the other end, and if you hold your tongue right – the cut’s meet in the middle of the card!


IMG_6509[1] IMG_6511[1] IMG_6510[1]


Next came the design dilemma.

Too busy.

Too contrast.

Too boring.


I left this project on my craft desk for three days while I had temper tantrums with it being a donkeys arse.

Finally after three failed designs I get this one to flow.


So glad this is over.

Will never.


Make a trifold shutter card again.

Here’s the tutorial if anyone want’s to dare try it

I made peace with the dam thing and even embossed the envelope.


Very pretty.



I hope this cards recipient love… love… loves it lol

It needs some love!






On a much more positive note…

The family and Marley and I went for a walk at Hagley Park again today…

Yesterday the kids got soaked and we had to leave early.

So, today was their chance to show they know how to be sensible… to; earn…

More fun outings in public.

Gosh they’ve been a bit bat S*$# crazy these holidays.

I’m sure it’s this crappy cold and miserable weather.

We’ve been outside at all times possible but sometimes you just need to sit down, be quiet and have a calm day inside.

LOL – I’m kidding right?


Anyway the forcast for tomorrow looks nice so we’ll be off to do a day trek outside with the kids.

Bye for now from Marley and Vee

Big kissies 😉




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