Gift cards Gallery

I am on a mission…. I am pre-making the giftcards for upcoming birthdays.

Both Mark and I are from larger than the statistical NZ family so… I have a few on the list 🙂

I’ll put them in this gallery as I get them made and photographed.


Addicted to explosives



Ohh….. my…. goodness.

I’m addicted.

To these explosion box cards.

I’ve now got three prototypes and sizes but this one takes the cake!


You can recycle old cards into these.

I sat down and was looking at my rapidly decreasing pile of cardstock.

I have heaps of paperstock…. so no worries there but – cardstock… well it’s getting low.

I made one of these with my 12×12″ paperstock and it was just too flimsy – it warped too with the adhesives. Dam.


So I finally found a use for this box of basic and blank cards I brought on sale one day!

I knew they would get used LOL

Actually I got them home and months later wondered why on earth I’d brought boring plain and bulk! cards.


So I adjusted all the measurements to convert these boring basics into some seriously exciting cards.

Now that I’ve got it mastered I can’t wait to start the next card.

But I will.

Its the holidays and family time will become scarce once the children and Mark return to school and work.

So here’s the measurements if anyone else want’s them!

Start with a regular card – these were 21cm x 14.5cm when opened flat.

Flaten it out and holding it landscape, because these cards were pre-folded I had to divide it evenly into four vertical columns from the center spine outwards (5cm wide boxes) and score it from top to bottom.

Keep a 1/2 cm edge on both the left and right end (used to adhere the box together).

Turn it portrait and score it horizontally left to right – at 6.5cm down from the top edge… then snip between these shorter squares flaps and fold them. Don’t fold the left one as it’s the back and feature wall to the card which you line with a full length piece of deco paper and or embellishments.

Inside it you need two strips 7cm x 2.5cm wide, fold 1cm in on each end, in opposite directions to make a “Z” shape, see the photo… work out which way you will be bending the box flat and place the Z in it to move in that direction.

Once you work out what direction you will flat pack the card you know how far your embellishments can extend over parts of your card (to still fit in the regular envelope) when it’s an upright box

The covers for the flaps were 4.5cm x 6m – you need six of these to cover both sides so when its all closed and flat there are no boring bits.

The covers for the base of the box’s exterior were 4.5 x 7.5 cm – you need three of these

The cover for the back of the feature wall is 4.5 x 14 cm and you need two of those so you can use one on the front.

You can add a piece of loose paper to the back of the feature wall for a written message with a deco push pin, or you can make a little pocket on one of the interior “Z” bits to hold either a message or giftcard.

So many options and variations.