house1 house2 house3

The rail in the far right is the length of the new house. McMassive!

There’s “deck” written at the end of that rail ahead of us and the proposed house…. also deck is written at this end for the entrance to the house from our garage…. which is on the front of the section behind us snapping this photo.

Yes… very cool to see this progress.

Looking forward to seeing it dug out ready for the piles.

We’re a pile foundation.

Back to Friday.

Its Valentines Day!

Mark and I are lucky to be so in love… year after year… we’ve got a fantastic relationship, we make an awesome team! and I’m so grateful.

Love you to the moon and back Mr  Stewart!!

Home with the kids from school and I get the snippets read for school.  We’re switching from subway to pita pit!

Cool!! So I’ve loaded the kids orders for next fridays school lunch and warned them I can “un-load” such order if their behavior isn’t up to scratch!

It’s great how the kids and I can design a pita together, they seem excited so it may be a winner! 😉

So that’s the day – it went so fast! the weeks are going so fast.

Time to cook dinner – spaghetti bollognaise.


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