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All-righty then! lets get this recipe into my blog so I don’t lose it again!

This recipe requires no – sugar thermo testing, no water dropping testing… just melt down,
mix in fillings and smooth into a tray to chill for half an hour before cutting into squares for serving or freezing.


350 grams of Whittakers Ghana Chocolate

30 grams of butter

397 grams / 1 tin, of condensed milk

pinch of salt

optional: fillings, toppings, flavorings

I like to use…

Licorice all sorts diced up

Sliced Almonds

Sugared Ginger diced up

Smokers Peppermints smashed up (they’re all cinnimon-y smelling when you smash them! mmm)


Put a large pot on the stove on the lowest heat possible,

toss in the broken up chocolate

the diced up butter

the can of condensed milk

a pinch of salt

and let it all melt down while you get toppings/fillings sorted

stir every minute or so…

once it’s all melted it kinda thickens… so get it into a greased tin or if you double it like I do… use a edged cookie tray sprayed with oil

sprinkle all of your toppings/fillings on or in it and press it flat with your hand (patting pat pat pat ) to smothen it all out

Put in the fridge to set… takes around half an hour to set, cut into squares and freeze what you wont be using.  You can eat it frozen 😉


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