Five cards done five to go

I’m making a set of 10 greeting cards as a gift… here are a few I made tonight

I’m up to five, and once my envelope punch board arrives next week I’ll make a gift box for them to be stored in and to send to my giftee in.

Hopefully tomorrow I can crack out another five cards… and then copy the designs I like the most in bulk for some more sets to be boxed up… no doubt they will be popular once I tweak the designs and functions of the cards.  If you like or want any cards they are $2-4 each including an envelope… they’re a joy to play with so I’m happy to do some for anyone wanting to stock up on them.


The yellow card seems to be my favorite… it got more photos 😉




Will do the daily grind for today – tomorrow. It’s been an awesome day for the whole family 😉


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