Greeting cards

So lastnight was New Years Eve!

I was awake with the smell of gunpowder (fireworks) wafting through our bathroom window, sirens from fire engines and police dealing with drunkards.  The dogs were freaked, and the noise was too much to even get to sleep so I got up – pulled out my craft box and started playing with the pinking shears and some retro wallpaper I found at the ecoshed sometime last year.

It was horrible. lol

Don’t do crafts at 1am.  The card-making mojo just doesn’t work.

Today I got the kit out while Mark made us some lunch and came up with some cute cards… they’re not all finished but here goes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then found this seriously inspirational lady on youtube that does 10 cards in 20 minutes! so I’m on the lookout for stamps! and some large paper as I’ve only got A4 & A5 card, paperstock, designer papers.  Only. lol

I have a couple of new tools on the way which after a lot of research I’ve compiled a list of to-do projects for one of them that’s much more universal than I ever imagined!

Here’s the envelope punch board

Here’s the giftbag punch board


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