Fast Fudge

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All-righty then! lets get this recipe into my blog so I don’t lose it again!

This recipe requires no – sugar thermo testing, no water dropping testing… just melt down,
mix in fillings and smooth into a tray to chill for half an hour before cutting into squares for serving or freezing.


350 grams of Whittakers Ghana Chocolate

30 grams of butter

397 grams / 1 tin, of condensed milk

pinch of salt

optional: fillings, toppings, flavorings

I like to use…

Licorice all sorts diced up

Sliced Almonds

Sugared Ginger diced up

Smokers Peppermints smashed up (they’re all cinnimon-y smelling when you smash them! mmm)


Put a large pot on the stove on the lowest heat possible,

toss in the broken up chocolate

the diced up butter

the can of condensed milk

a pinch of salt

and let it all melt down while you get toppings/fillings sorted

stir every minute or so…

once it’s all melted it kinda thickens… so get it into a greased tin or if you double it like I do… use a edged cookie tray sprayed with oil

sprinkle all of your toppings/fillings on or in it and press it flat with your hand (patting pat pat pat ) to smothen it all out

Put in the fridge to set… takes around half an hour to set, cut into squares and freeze what you wont be using.  You can eat it frozen 😉


Cauliflower Base for Pizza (GF, Lo Carb, Lo Cal)




Turn the oven on and let it preheat.

Line your Tray with paper.

Grate up a large cauliflower and measure it out in two cup quantities, put into a glass pyrex dish to soften in the microwave on high for 5 minutes.

Our large cauliflower gave us around four cups of raw cauli, so we doubled the recipe.


2 cups of grated cauliflower, works with brocoflower too (the green cauliflower, so likely will the purple one too)

Grate 50 grams of cheese, we have used, Tasty or Edam hard cheese grated, Parmesan, Mozorella – and all worked fine.

1 large egg

herbs, salt, pepper


For every 2 cups of raw grated cauliflower add 1 large egg and 50 grams of grated cheese, toss in as many herbs as you like, some salt and pepper and your done!

Pat it out onto (top quality) greaseproof paper… we’ve used the cheap paper, the immiatation paper and just straight onto a greased baking tray… it will end in frustration… honest. Just fork out the dollars… and buy the best waxy greaseproof baking paper you can find (and re-use it next time! because we’re frugal eh 🙂 absolutely!)

It should be 1 to 1.5cm thick… half an inch (ish!) for the UK and US blog followers 😉

Give it a light spray with cooking oil aerosol

Cook at 210′ C  (or 410’F “ish” for you in the UK, US ) for 15- 20 mins until golden

Once cooled to the touch, top with whatever you like… in our house its usually cranberry, cooked chicken, onions, and cream cheese.

To give you an idea of how darn low this is in calories, I could eat a whole one of these and it would still be less calories than ONE slice of dominoes, pizza hut or hells pizza.

Love love love.

You’re welcome!

PS credit and thanks to my friend Jodi for coming over to help me nail this recipe when it kept flopping on me.

Due to:

cooking the cauli in water – woops

using cheap paper – woops

using too much cheese – woops

spreading/patting too thin – woops.

^so learn from my trials and errors.

Vee xx

Five cards done five to go

I’m making a set of 10 greeting cards as a gift… here are a few I made tonight

I’m up to five, and once my envelope punch board arrives next week I’ll make a gift box for them to be stored in and to send to my giftee in.

Hopefully tomorrow I can crack out another five cards… and then copy the designs I like the most in bulk for some more sets to be boxed up… no doubt they will be popular once I tweak the designs and functions of the cards.  If you like or want any cards they are $2-4 each including an envelope… they’re a joy to play with so I’m happy to do some for anyone wanting to stock up on them.


The yellow card seems to be my favorite… it got more photos 😉




Will do the daily grind for today – tomorrow. It’s been an awesome day for the whole family 😉

Greeting cards

So lastnight was New Years Eve!

I was awake with the smell of gunpowder (fireworks) wafting through our bathroom window, sirens from fire engines and police dealing with drunkards.  The dogs were freaked, and the noise was too much to even get to sleep so I got up – pulled out my craft box and started playing with the pinking shears and some retro wallpaper I found at the ecoshed sometime last year.

It was horrible. lol

Don’t do crafts at 1am.  The card-making mojo just doesn’t work.

Today I got the kit out while Mark made us some lunch and came up with some cute cards… they’re not all finished but here goes:

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I then found this seriously inspirational lady on youtube that does 10 cards in 20 minutes! so I’m on the lookout for stamps! and some large paper as I’ve only got A4 & A5 card, paperstock, designer papers.  Only. lol

I have a couple of new tools on the way which after a lot of research I’ve compiled a list of to-do projects for one of them that’s much more universal than I ever imagined!

Here’s the envelope punch board

Here’s the giftbag punch board

Punch board Projects

Punchboard projects:


Envelope liners:

Mini album:



Candy Cracker:

Tab tie box:

Mini open box:

Box well explained:


Sq hinged box:



File Folder Cards:

Envelope design ideas: