Move it. move it… we like to move it lol

Not really… but lets pretend lol

But moving was definitely a lovely luxury with four burly men doing all the work!


What a massive truck… gosh doing it in ONE trip is a nice change.

Mark finished work at 3am and got up at 9am since the movers said they’d be there at 10am, I got a call at half past eleven to say that they’d be there closer to twelve.  Somehow I managed to stay humble on the phone and thanked the driver for calling me [ my inner voice said… whoa… why are you so calm today Vee? you should have just ripped his head off for being lousy at time management??]  I guess I can relate… I have my moments where time management and I don’t see eye-to-eye


OK so the truck arrives and two mean just sync themselves, on stands in the truck blanketing and harnessing everything as the other just walks into our house and carries things out with ease… [I’m looking at those big heavy boxes and furniture thinking…. whoa… this guy’s on something] the term runner definitely fits… this guy is running back and forth with all our stuff…

I’m watching fascinated with his endless energy, especially since he’s been doing this at another house this morning!

I joke with him about being on something and he tells me his motivation…

He wants to finish early, he’s worked a very long day yesterday and wants to finish on time today for the weekend!

Cool.  Good for him 🙂

Two hours later and our whole house is packed in a truck.

Two other guys turned up… again I was Wow’d with one of their strength! He just picks up Marks bench press weight [over 60 kgs] like its a coffee table or something. Wow.  I ask him to do a sumo lift [my gym terminology isn’t up so hopefully the photos below show what I mean]  he’s quiet… probably trying to find a polite way to decline, but get my camera out and say come on! go on! come on! and he figures… get it done so she’ll be quiet lol

Remember… this is a BENCH PRESS…. you know while laying down on your back… lol




The truck is ready.

I look at our home… I don’t feel sad… because my “home” is in that truck.

Sounds good to me.

Off we go.

The rental feels TINY! all of our stuff is put in each room by the men and then we’re left to it…

Marks running on very little sleep.  He’s about to go to work.

The dogs!!

I get in the car with the kids and go to get the dogs.  Good grief – how could I forget lol

It’s madness when we arrive at the rental with the dogs.

Good fun thinks Marley and Bella.

Bedtime is all too soon,  I’ve started unpacking the kitchen and the beds are made.

My feet are so sore, burning from the soles – I figure out later it’s because there’s no underlay under the carpets.

The kids go to bed. But they don’t.  Even closed doors don’t stop the antics… ah well – they’ll crash and it is the weekend.

On his way out the door Mark says: “can you clean the fridge”

I really don’t want to… my feet hurt and I’m running on zombie mode.

But Mark’s running on very little sleep – so I want to do this for him 🙂

I get to pulling out all the shelving and contents then piece by piece wash the fridge… then jif down the outside… then

I get into bed.

Marley and Bella are beside themselves… running around the house room to room.. around boxes, barking, whimpering…

Marley comes to the side of the bed… whimpering…

I give him the sleep command.

He jumps on the bed and starts barking at me.

I’m momentarily scared.

He’s never done such a thing.


I wish Mark was here… this moving while he works these weird hours has totally sucked, mostly for him but a little for us.

I pat and try to cuddle Marley to soothe him but he’s just mental… he runs to brooks room and starts barking!!

Brook is asleep.


It goes on like this for the whole night… Marley running and whimpering and freaking Bella out… room to room… then sitting beside me in bed and occasionally barking at me to open my eyes!

I get up at just after 3am and let them out to toilet… Mark arrives home and both dogs go ape….. and bark at him.

Mark closes the hall door when we go to bed and that stops Marley wandering around barking at who knows what from the lounge.

He spends the rest of the night wandering from us to Brook… we try our best to sleep intermittently.


Eve of leaving our home… ready for demolition

Well today has been better than expected.

Up to the kids seemingly organized and onto their game with the breakfast/school prep routine.

Shower-time for Vee, hair into some functional pigtails and Makeup goes on.

Why am I wearing makeup today… people moving house with pigtails and workout gear wouldn’t wear makeup…

Boo to them.


We get to school and Ella has yesterdays french plait still in! messy and slept in. Dam! I knew they wouldn’t be THAT on their game.

A scruffy fingered ponytail is the best she gets… Parents walk past so we plaster those ‘morning tight smiles’ on and get them to the crossing.



I start finding lots of things to do instead of putting some loose stuff in the car [freight people only take the packed stuff]

A friend messages saying “want some help” !?

I wan’t company to procrastinate more than help but… “hey! ookay!”


Lets do this.

I start packing the boots of the cars and am a bit lost… why is packing/moving so mind bogglingly technical and out of the water for me?

Probably something to do with lack of “will”

We get there and the rental is growing on me… it’s brand new, simple but brand new.  Nice Bath! Ok…. I’m going to be… OK

The kids are going to love it.

I ignore the neighbor, – not ready to play friends… that can go on the to do: … much later… list.  Maybe.

We come home and have to ration about 50 grams of cheese on nine toasties… who missed that item last grocery shop?

The wine rack is full.

We do one last trip of loose stuff to the rental and get to meet our cheeky [pun intended] neighbour.

I notice our neighbour outside has cycling stuff [bloody cyclists… I think to myself… always in the way on our roads] I look away and get back to unloading the car… I hope he doesn’t have the temper of some cyclists.

He walks outside with a towel on… [what the hell.. he was clothed a few minutes ago] walks back inside and then stands in the middle of his lounge [ I know!! what am I doing standing at the window staring… good grief! I want to stop staring but I just cant! ] he turns with his back to me and whips his towel up (stripper style) to the right in one swift move… I don’t believe it! I close my eyes, blink and open… and he’s just standing there. What a nutter. LOL

I quickly jump away from the window… giggling, shrieking and mortified all at once… Mark’s oblivious (is the neighbour Gay? was that show for Mark or Sharon and I? Oh my God… no… he didn’t… he couldn’t have seen me staring… surely not)

Sharon’s on her phone but steps forward to peek at the commotion and jumps back from the window too!!

She’s on the phone to her husband explaining with a downward smirk on her face between chuckles.

Marks not even interested… he keeps on task

I peek out the curtains again… Sharon’s smirking at me!
Why am I peeking!! I’m whispering too!! Sheesh Vee!! stop looking!

I’m really fascinated with the whole Village Living situation…

OK I’m really fascinated with a bloke who just flashed us… is he crazy/mental or just someone who has a different sense of humor?


Killed the cat.

Well that was weird/funny/awkward

Won’t be able to shake his hand without blushing.