Potato Stuffed Sausages

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This is tonight’s dinner I’ve prepared and left on warm in the slow-cooker since I have a facial off-site at 6pm

It was actually something our mum used to make, living on a shoestring budget – she did well to come up with some tasty meals.

1 kg bag of hellers precooked sausages

Fry some diced onion and garlic and set aside.

Make home made mashed potato with sour cream, butter, add garlic & onion, salt and pepper, 1 tsp mustard mixed to paste, 1 T mixed herbs.

Slice sausages lenghtwise and stuff them good and full.

Blob some dots of relish on top… sprinkle on grated cheese… and grill baby!

Serve once cheese is all browned and crispy.

So Yum!! Kiwi comfort food – perfect for our rubbish weather at the moment… comfort food, hot fire, and kindle – that’s me this evening.


x Vee


Lemon Marshmallow Cheesecake

So the boss brought home a dirty cheap store brought Pam’s cheesecake a few days ago, not only had Pam’s reduced their cheesecakes in size, the thing was frozen with icicles through it even when thawed out… he was pretty peeved, so peeved he threatened to write in a complaint. ┬áPam’s your cheese cake is horrible in texture, tasteless and a rip off in size! We should write in to Target! get them to “shame on you” ha! might just do that.

Ok… so I was on a mission today after my epic fail at dinner last night I thought I’d make something really special for Fathers Day – I made Mark’s favorite dinner of baked salmon and we put some freshly steamed vegetables with it…. And… a lemon cheesecake – which was a bit of an experiment…that turned out amazing! here’s what I did


6  Lemons

250gm lite cream cheese

300ml cream

500g of malt biscuites crushed

150g of butter melted

1 box 75g lemon jelly crystals



Base: Crush biscuits and mix in butter, the juice of three lemons and the rind of those three lemons, press this into a buttered pop out tin.

Put this in the fridge to set while you work on the middle.

Filling: Pour the 300ml of cream into a bowl and squeeze three lemons juice into it… it will start to look curdled … its ok … leave it – DO NOT MIX IT, just leave it to sit and curdle for 10 minutes (your making sour cream from scratch… give yourself a high five!)

Next: get grating the rind of those lemons into the cream cheese in a bowl, toss in 3/4 of the lemon jelly crystals and beat with your egg beater… add the cream in and beat for around two minutes to a heavy thickness but not whipped cream.

Pour this into your biscuit base, sprinkle the remainder jelly crystals and some coconut on top and leave in the fridge to set, takes around 2 hours to set.

Result, the jelly in the cream cheese and cream with having been whipped makes the cheesecake turn out really fluffy and marshmallow-y

You will love it!

Note: half the biscuits and butter if you don’t like a double base like our household.